about me

so, i guess some of you might like to know more info about me. so, here's some answers for you...

where did alissaevelyn begin?

the alissaevelyn blog began in early 2018, as a way of merging all of my passions into one; my love of food, my passion for natural beauty & fashion and my diabetes story. the name is my first and middle name combined, and follows the name of my youtube channel.

when did you become diabetic and how does this affect you?

i was 11 when i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. it was my second week of secondary school, and i was in hospital for a week learning all about injections and insulin and sugar level testing and ketones. it was overwhelming.

diabetes is with me every single day. to read all of my posts about diabetes, click here.

how do you choose to eat? where does your love of food come from?

after my diagnosis with diabetes i realised just how important food was, as the amount of food and the type of carbohydrate i ate could have a profound affect on the way i felt. i started cooking for myself in my late teens, and ate super healthy when i lived away from home during my time at uni. then in 2008 i read a book that has truly shaped the way i think about food, and my relationship with it, that book was healthy at 100 by john robbins.

it really struck me that there was a whole world of food i had yet to explore, and completely new levels of nutrition and health i hadn't even tapped into yet.

i started the blog "not just apples" back in early 2009, and since then i've enjoyed sharing my travelling experiences with you all, as well as my crazy experiments in the kitchen.

i don't label the way i eat, and i don't limit myself too much. if you were to call me anything i would probably be an organic, wholegrains, flexitarian. i eat fish and eggs, but we drink non-dairy milk in our house and limit the amount of organic/goats cheese we eat. we strive to eat unprocessed foods, and make almost everything from scratch. i am a constant snacker: i love fresh fruit and dried nuts. also, please check out this article: uniqueness & definition which has lots more info about my food journey.

you lived in Belgium?!

in the autumn of 2015 my husband and i moved to belgium for a work assignment for 2 years. i followed him as a 'trailing spouse', and we began an expat adventure together, exploring a new food culture and sharing it on this blog too.

in the spring of 2016 we had our first baby, a gorgeous little boy who was born in Brussels. we love him to pieces and it is so much fun watching him grow and learn, and i love teaching him about real and delicious food.

what else are you into?

i love sharing my life on my youtube channel, with vlogs and reviews and how-to's.

i am also a lover of natural beauty, and have heaps of tutorials and product reviews on there too. i'm always open to suggestions and i love when you comment on a video and let me know what you think.

email alissa: notjustapples (at) gmail.com