favorite recipes

here are some of the recipes that i've really enjoyed cooking on this blog:

amaranth granola
millet grain pancakes
raspberry and walnut smoothie
teff flour pancakes
buckwheat apple waffles
buckwheat porridge
cinnamon almond milk (with video)
cinnamon french toast
healthy buckwheat pancakes
perfect oat porridge
swedish hönökaka
sweet breakfast strata
summer breakfast - european style
bircher muesli
pumpkin pancakes
banana oat pancakes
green smoothies
lemon and ricotta buckwheat pancakes (with video)
cottage porridge
chocolate chestnut pancakes
egg and mushroom scramble
coconut flour banana waffles
coconut and cinnamon seed granola
chilaquiles with red onion and marrow
brown rice congee (with video)
dessicated coconut pancakes (with video)
banana oat drop scones
sweet red bean paste
pesto tomato omelette
apple and raisin hotcakes with coconut flour
coconut flour scones with honey-whipped coconut cream & jam
the fluffiest spelt pancakes ever
bircher muesli

butternut squash and spinach triangles
avocado and kale salad
brown rice nori rolls
red cabbage coleslaw
sardines on toast
greek salad
healthy hot salad with courgette and pepper
swedish potato salad
homemade crumpets
asparagus lunchbox salad
pimenton parsnip fries
tomato, courgette and chicken noodles
salad constructing tips
paprika chickpea pancakes
chorizo, courgette and cabbage hash
apple and cucumber brown rice salad
alfalfa beetroot chicken salad (with video)
chickpea pizza crust
Martin's simple beetroot and red cabbage borscht recipe
pea and pesto soup
courgette spaghetti with pesto
kelp noodles with miso ginger dressing
daikon radish and dill soda bread

thyme bean burgers
leek and chicken pie
lentil lasagne
swedish meatballs
smörgåstårta - swedish savory cake (with video)
chicken, courgette and tomato noodles
swedish pea soup
mushroom and brown rice stuffed squash with crispy kale
moroccan lamb stew with ras el hanout (in the slow cooker)
urid dal dosas with lentil curry
milk-baked fennel

broad bean hummus
frozen bananas
dill mayonnaise yoghurt dip with crudites
oven dried tomatoes
homemade tortillas
fried red peppers with vinegar
chocolate coconut truffles
barley bannocks
chestnut cream
homemade butter
cashew 'cream'
red onion and thyme socca
celery flax crackers and pizza base
marrow chickpea vegan frittata
barley chapattis with thyme and honey
raisin oat bannocks

frozen banana whip (dairy free ice cream)
wholemeal bread and butter pudding
roasted plums
coconut milk panna cotta with agar agar

millet banana bread
chocolate cupcakes
sweet potato brownies
amaranth raisin cinnamon cookies
coconut milk cookies
healthy mince pies
english apple pie
flourless chocolate brownies
gluten free cranberry cupcakes
gluten free, wheat free, egg free cookies
chocolate hazelnut biscuits
cinnamon banana bread
pear and almond torte
apple and almond pastries
black bean chocolate cake
pumpkin pie
chestnut cherry cake
apple milk tart
raspberry hazelnut roll
molasses apple tart with rye crust
buckwheat and oatmeal ginger parkin (with video)
cherry almond mince pies with a buckwheat crust
vanilla honey cut-out cookies (sugar free, gluten free)
rhubarb flapjack
vegan lemon-coconut baked donut with maple glaze
chocolate truffle tart (refined sugar free, gluten free)

i hope you enjoy trying these out for yourself - please let me know what you think! and send me any suggestions for alterations, additions or flavour adaptations, as i adore hearing how things could be improved ♥