cookbook reviews

i love cookery books, i love reading delicious sounding recipes and browsing gorgeous food photographs. i thought it was a wise idea to share my thoughts on all of these books with you, so that it can become a resource for those who want to fill their shelves with health conscious cookbooks with interesting ideas.

here are the books i have reviewed since the blog began:

eating for beauty by david wolfe
miss dahl's voluptuous delights by sophie dahl
the kind diet by alicia silverstone
in defence of food by michael pollan
green for life by victoria boutenko
river cottage everyday by hugh fearnley whittingstall
healthy at 100 by john robbins
the river cottage cookbook by hugh fearnley whittingstall
melinda messenger's family cookbook
jamie does by jamie oliver
1001 low carb recipes by dana carpender
on a stick by matt armendariz
as american as apple pie by phillip stephen schulz