Wednesday, 12 October 2022

my sustainable wardrobe, part 4 : take it slow

it's funny, i just did my autumn wardrobe switchover for probably the tenth time in my whole life, and oddly it was the first year i didn't really get rid of much stuff. it was about six items. which for me on a wardobe switchover is hardly any at all. 

at first i actually felt bad - like maybe i wasn't in the right mood to do the audit, or like maybe i didn't do it right or something?! but then i realised, its a good thing!! and that led me to a few conclusions...

1. i'm getting to know MY STYLE better.
thank goodness, i'm finally being slightly less experimental and settling into what i know i like, what feels comfortable and what i think looks good. it's taken a lot of me stepping out the house feeling not like myself, for me to find out what actually does feel right. who would've thought it would take me so long! in fact, really i've been dressing in a very similar style my whole life, now it's more about finding silhouettes i enjoy and outfits i can repeat. it's a lot more these days about quality too.

i've been obsessed with fashion for such a long time, i just love how what we wear can affect our mood, and other people's moods too, how it can send messages and tell stories, how it can be a source of creativity and inspiration. but for the longest time i felt embarrassed about my love of fashion, lots of people i knew thought it was silly or unimportant, maybe even a waste of time or money. now, whilst i definitely think it can be all these things too, i'm more inclined towards the more positive effects of what we wear. 

there's a HUGE culture in the 'mum' world to not try too hard, to wear your scruffs because life is tough. and whilst i'm SO happy that it's now politically correct to wear your sweats to school, it also needs to be ok to dress like you're going out to dinner to pick up your kids if you want to. and i feel like most mamas would have happier days if they got out of those pj's, i know i do!

2. i'm becoming more frugal and taking it SLOW.
one of the big changes i've spoken about in recent blogs has been that i'm much more considered about what i bring into my wardrobe, whether it's secondhand, purchased or handmade, it's usually got a lot of thought behind it - i've made too many mistakes, and i've finally decided to learn from them. i'd rather wait a year for the right piece of fabric for a sewing project than spend the time making it with something that's 'ok' but i don't absolutely love. 

and with that comes a frugality, because it's taking more time and it's also much more intentional. things last long in my wardrobe, i use them more and i need less of them.

3. sometimes you just need to REARRANGE stuff.
there's something so powerful about taking it all out and putting it all back in again. i guess mostly because you can see how much you have and what you have, so it gives you a greater understanding of what you could do to help it function much better. most seasons i've realised i need more leggings, more tights and more good socks, just the basics to make sure that the wardrobe works well in every season. 

sometimes i've realised i've got one thing i wear all the time and would be good to have in other colours or have repeats of. sometimes i realise i've got 12 pairs of jeans that i never wear but feel like i should have because everyone else does... 

also, it's so helpful to rearrange it in a way that makes the things you'll use more often in a more accessible place. like coats being more prominent for the winter, for example.

4. a little clearing leads to more clearing.
one of the most astonishing things about each audit has been to get such a clear overview of what i have that in the weeks following the audit i often clear out more than i did on the audit day itself. i guess i realise i've got enough of some things and i can clearly know if there are better alternatives to an item in my wardrobe or not.

the next step in this whole wardrobe process is going to be a little wardrobe styling session - i've threatened it a few times, but i've not actually done it. it would be so good to have photos of styling ideas that already exist in my wardrobe so i can easily put things together in the mornings when i'm short of time. i think i'm ready for that challenge! and i'm ready to make several cringey ones before i get to the ones i really like. it's just going to need me to summon up a load of energy because getting dressed multiple times in a row is exhausting work!

for more about my upcoming making plans, see this video and follow me over on my @handmadeyears instagram...

thank you for reading today :)

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