Tuesday, 9 March 2021

my hair is getting long : a new approach

 yep, that's right, another YouTube video about my hair! some of you have been waiting a really long time for an update on this, and i know you've all been patient. so scroll down to watch...

i wanted to do a little update blog here too, to go with it, so i can chat about things you should be looking out for from the channel, a bit about where i've been, and chat about zero waste / products etc... so read on if you're interested.

the footage i filmed on the weekend, on a day where i only had a short space of time to film, i was headed out for a socially distanced walk with a friend and wanted to make sure mostly that my hair was as dry as possible, so it is by no means as perfect or perfectly curly as it could be, but it is fast! 20 minutes! and i'm so grateful, because if any of you saw the 8 things i hate about the curly girl method video, you'll know my biggest frustration was how long it would take, so now i've figured a few shortcuts i'm happy with, and it does involve a little give and take with my quest for perfection.

of course, as any curly girl knows, if your hair isn't perfectly dry before you head out the door, the curl will drop, and i even usually really like to make sure that i don't scrunch too much gel out my hair before i go outdoors, because it will naturally loosen with the wind/air (especially around here, lol).

i'm still growing out my hair, trying to see how long i can go, but at the moment it's in need of some more layers put back in. it's also starting to really grow back after the birth of my daughter and i have lots of wispy bits at the front. i keep eating my good fats (thanks almond butter blondies!) to make sure my hormones are in check on that one! anyhow, when i was looking back at the footage i realised that i wasn't loving on my hair very well, being pretty vigorous with the brushing :( so i need to do a mask day soon.

i'm also working my way through lots of products i bought two years ago when i started out the CG method. so the products i use here aren't my favourite but they do work, if not as brilliantly. i do believe each product can serve a purpose, and i'm determined to not throw any of my products away, unless i feel like they're actually damaging my hair.

eventually i hope to start afresh, get only my favourite on my beauty shelf, and try more zero waste ideas - i loved my rye flour hair wash, but i want to try chickpea and fenugreek. and i want to make my own aloe conditioner. i do believe the way forward isn't to have loads of products but just one of each. simplify, simplify, simplify! if you want to see my reviews of every product i've tested, click here. and if you have any requests let me know :) i hope reading my reviews saves you some money!

for now, i hope you enjoy the video, and i hope you don't feel the need to go out and buy any new products after watching, i've learnt that it's about 80% technique and 20% the right products for your hair type, you can make most products work, you just need to apply the right amount in the right way for your curl pattern...

anyhow, grab a cuppa tea and relax...

thank you so much for reading and watching, it's great to be back sharing my more relaxed approach to my hair with you, and i would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on the YouTube watch page. over and out x

ps. if you didn't read my latest post about 'my sustainable wardrobe', i would encourage you to check it out.

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