Wednesday, 3 February 2021

faith journal flip through 2020

 hi all, today i wanted to encourage and inspire you with some photos (and a video - scroll to the end) of my 2020 faith journal, kept from march to july. 

it's a bit of a mish-mash of faith journaling and memory keeping, so there are photos of my family in there - but they're such a big part of what i'm learning about in my faith journey anyway, it sort of seems fitting.

although i've done a video so you can see all the pages and all the detail, i wanted to use this space here to chat through some of the pages, and add in some of the links to useful resources.

first off, let me mention, lots of the artwork is via my Pinterest. so pop over there if you see something and you'd like it for your own journal. i get so inspired by quotes and art there, it's a great place to start if you're new.

most of this journal is "junk", and there's quite a lot of "art" too. the above piece for example, there's a fresh photo, a print out from Pinterest, a piece of a magazine photo, and then on the other side is a stapled piece of scrap fabric art i made with my son, that we thought was too pretty to throw away.

journaling through the time of COVID-19 brought many consistent themes: 'Lord, help me to be brave, help me to have more capacity, give me strength, let me not be judgemental, Lord show me who you want me to be'. i've talked about the weight of my thought processes over the last few months, and it's not only good, but essential, to creatively interpret them. it's been a heavy year for everyone in different ways.

one thing i love to do in my journals is make it really tactile, adding different elements, like stitching, tape, penwork, photos, card, fabric, old papers, new papers - i definitely don't conform to one specific style! i also love to collect and press flowers and leaves from our garden and from walks, and i pop those through my laminator to staple in also.

i often save screengrabs of things from instagram as well, that i might want to use in my journal, or ideas on layouts, anything that might spark some sort of idea that i can quickly go and stick down or write out.

i use the journal to record things that i feel God says to me, but also to allow Him to speak - that probably sounds a bit weird. but often when i sit down to journal i am creating a space for Him to speak, through reading the bible to seek a verse to journal, to listening to a podcast or to worship music. it's such a lovely relaxing time, and it's great to rest in His presence.

one of my favourite things about the whole journal is the cover, which was a vintage book i found on ebay. it wasn't cheap, but i just knew i'd always look at it and remember the time i made it. i also felt it was so appropriate given we were at home a whole lot!

here's the flip through video if you're interested...

thank you all for reading, i hope this blesses you and i hope you have a great day! let me know any thoughts or questions in the comments here or on YouTube. 

PS. Our YouTube family is now 14,000 strong! Thank you all for your support and all those lovely shares and likes x