Tuesday, 30 June 2020

let's do this imperfectly, and let's do it together

right, ok, today is another long post where i talk all about deep important things... today i want to talk about being environmentally conscious, because it's Plastic Free July next month, and so it seems as good a time as any to talk about where we stand as a family.

there's so many people speaking loudly for the environment right now, from vegan activism, to the zero waste movement. i don't consider myself to have any sort of 'label', but i do believe that we all need to be MORE CONSCIOUS of the things we are consuming and the impact they are having on the earth. 

but the thing is once i started to switch on my awareness, and stopped mindlessly consuming things, i got overwhelmed really quickly. because there is a LOT to take in, and there's so many decisions to make...

so, before i get going, have you read my last blog post? i wrote in it about 'where do we go from here?' - i talked about how i address overwhelm, and simple steps we can take to move out of overwhelm and start to feel productive. one of the things on my mind and in my heart when i wrote that was addressing environmental concerns, because really when any one of us starts to think about it, it can feel like a LOT. it can end up being a weight, and it can move us into feeling like no small thing we do will matter, so that leads us to choosing to do nothing because we can't do everything. 

but, there's this quote that i love, which is:

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." 
Anne Marie Bonneau

this is supremely true! let's hold on to this. that's why i titled this post 'let's do this imperfectly', because we simple need some level of action, just to DO something. 

the whole idea of 'plastic free july' is meant to make us think, because really if we stop and think about plastic we will realise there's some pretty useful plastic things out there, like cars, computers, car seats - the whole invention of plastic has helped us actually use less fuel by making things lighter. i guess though, we got a little carried away somewhere by making everything out of plastic... and now we have to circle back round and work out what single-use plastics we don't need, and making sure we use plastic efficiently without waste.

there's so much complexity when we talk about the environment, because in the production of any singular item there are so many parts to think of. so a couple of months ago i needed to buy new underwear, so instead of going to my regular multipack at M&S straight away, i decided to look for a more environmentally conscious option. this lead me down a crazy rabbit hole thinking about all sorts of aspects of my undies. and you could apply this to ANY product you chose to purchase...
- do i really need it?
- what material is it made of?
- where is the material sourced, and is it organic or sustainable?
- who made the material?
- what are the factory conditions like for workers, and are they fairly paid?
- what factory production techniques are used? what sort of energy do they use?
- what packaging is used? how is it shipped?
- can the item be used for many years to come, will it last?

most companies are being open about lots of the answers to these questions, but some are still a little shady about things and there's tons of 'greenwashing'. so make sure to do some good research yourself, and know that there are lots of people who've already done some of the research for you, so check out zero waste and sustainable bloggers and vloggers for good info. they are held to a high standard, so have usually done lots of research.

where do we stand?

so our family is a one step at a time kind of family. we aren't really a jump in at the deep end kind of people, and that's OK! however, because we are a step by step sort of family, it's harder sometimes to see the progress we've made. so, i'm going to list a few things here that have been habit shifts for us. and i guess that some of you have done these too, because most of these are really easy switches:

1. we use metal straws.
2. we use keepcups and stainless steel water bottles (Contigo and Chilly's are our dishwasher-safe favourites).
3. we compost.
4. we use reusable glass containers for those tiny bits of meals that get leftover, and we have a leftovers meal when there's too many.
5. we use cloth nappies most of the time, and eco-disposables the rest.
6. i source the majority of my wardrobe from charity shops. we use hand-me-downs or thrifted clothes for the kids.
7. we use reusable beeswax wrap to cover bowls and cans.
8. we grow flowers for our dinner table (and for our pollinators!), we grow a little food. it's more about teaching our kids about growing than it as about being productive right now.
9. we forage in our local area - blackberries, elderberries, nettles.
10. we mend.
11. we have a run-to-failure strategy on most things in our home. that means we don't purchase new unless necessary, and then we seek to buy good quality replacements that will similarly last. this goes for washing machines, makeup, furniture, tech stuff, etc.
12. we support small businesses and local businesses. 
13. we use cloth napkins and reusable shopping bags.
14. we meal plan (some of the time).
15. we collect rainwater.
16. we re-sole our shoes when we can.
17. we line dry our clothes.

there are so many more switches i know we could make. but i feel like we have already made so much progress! let's celebrate those changes. i challenge you to write your own list! and please share these with me...

here are a few of the things on my mind to switch over / try this month:

- one of the things i really want to do is to start improving the recycling in my local area, so i've also signed a petition on change.org to make my voice heard in my area. i'm going to keep checking on progress on this, and fight for better/easier recycling options. our local council is one of the worst, and there are so many more things we could do.

- loose leaf tea and homemade brews - this should be a really easy switch, but might take a while to get the full range of types i like.

- try a click and collect for bulk items from my local zero waste store - i've just never tried it, so i don't know how easy/complicated it could be. i have visited it and left simply with a paper bag full of vegan chocolate buttons. 

- get a shop of local veg from my local farm shop - this is so easy and satisying in the summer, because the range is larger and cheaper when they get a glut of produce.

- be more conscious of the plastic in products and in packaging in my makeup, haircare and skincare - i'm usually pretty good at this, but i think my haircare needs some adjustment (i may have gotten a little carried away with getting perfect curls and forgot the ingredients list a few times, as well as the packaging)

did you know? 
one way you can be sure that your skincare doesn't have planet-harming plastics in it is to look for the Natrue symbol - this little face that you'll find on all types of brands, one of my faves being Weleda. it's really important that any product you're putting down the sink especially isn't contaminating the water system with microplastics. you can also look for the Zero Plastic Inside symbol on the websites of cosmetics companies.

really helpful resources:
- buymeonce.com  - this website is absolute gold when you want to buy a new toaster, or a new frying pan, or a kettle... because they showcase products that are made to last a really long time, a lifetime in some cases. it's where we decided on our toaster, because it's a Dualit with a long guarantee which can also be easily mended, so it should last forever and save money in the long term.
- plants for pollinators - if you're going to start a garden you'll want to make sure to keep your pollinators happy
- fave instagrams for styling thrift clothes: bjonesstyle, skirtlocker, igotitfromthecharityshop, taylormadestyle, tinyacorn - please let me know your favourites in the comments!
- be inspired to do more! i love these YouTube videos - the Carter family, Artist as Family, Zero Waste is not the Only Option
- good on you - get a sustainability rating for your favourite brands - fab way to work out that M&S is a reasonable place to purchase your undies, if you don't mind not completely knowing where they sources their cotton, etc.

i hope you enjoy this as part of the conversation for Plastic Free July, and please do head on over to my YouTube channel to take part in my Weleda giveaway ;)


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  1. I can't believe I'm just now reading this post! It is CHOCK FULL of such great information. So many new-to-me resources that I will most definitely be using and sharing with people. You're an inspiration, friend! Thanks for such an amazing post! xo


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