Friday, 22 June 2018

why i'll always have a konjac sponge in my bathroom

it's not too often i find a new thing that i love so much as i love my new sponge. what a strange sentence?! but i do, i really do, love my sponge.

it's a konjac sponge - which is a sponge made out of konjac root. which if you've never heard of that before, don't be surprised, because it grows in asia and you'd only ever have heard about it (probably) if you have tried konjac noodles from a health food shop. anyhow, the root itself is super healthy and packed with minerals and vitamins. it grows wild at high altitudes, and is naturally alkaline - so it's perfect for balancing out the PH of your skin.

they come in all shapes and sizes (even a cute heart-shaped one), as well as with additional ingredients like pink clay or charcoal. there are never any other ingredients though, no additives, no colours, no pollutants.

one of my main favourite things about it is that it's 100% sustainable and biodegradable - it's not taken from a reef and it's not putting plastic out there into the world. the sponges i use from The Konjac Sponge Company are the original and the best - any other brands are just copying from their success but not meeting the same high standards of production. these ones have the official Cruelty-Free and Vegan stamp of approval too.

but THE MOST IMPORTANT thing about these sponges is how it cleans my face, and has helped clear up the congestion around my mouth and chin. basically i've been using it every other day for about 2-3 months now (actually i'm on my second one) and seriously the bumpy, blackhead-y, congested skin there is clearing up, it's tightening my pores and clearing them out. which is amazing, because no other "product" has been able to do that for me. and this is so simple.

when it arrives it's a hard de-hydrated block, and you need to rinse it under water for 30 seconds to rehydrate. you'll know when it's ready because it will get good and squishy. and then i simply run the water warm and clean my face in small circles until it's done. you can't apply hard pressure with it, because it's too soft for that, so it really is gently on your skin. and if you're someone who doesn't like to use a lot of water or would rather use some other product to cleanse even deeper, then you can use the sponge with your cleanser too.

if you're someone that suffers with acne or bad breakouts, then i think this will help, because they would work well for people with sensitive skin. i would say that any harsh scrubs you should be avoiding anyway if you suffer with breakouts, because it will just aggravate your skin.

once you're finished using the konjac sponge rinse it through, and then give it a good squish in the palm of your hands and leave it somewhere hanging up to dry - i just use the shower door handle, and sometimes the handle on the back of my wardrobe. it needs to be somewhere it won't get wet or get touched and it will get air all around it to dry out fully. this will help preserve it for longer and you can then get good value out of it. these sponges don't last forever, but they can last a good 3-6 months depending on how well you look after it.

if you're interested in purchasing, you can find them easily on Amazon, or browse the whole collection on their website:
Regular Face Sponge - UK/ US
Small Pore Refiner (for daily use) - UK, not available on US Amazon yet 
Large Body Sponge - UK / US 

also, if you have any questions please do ask! it's so much fun to bring to you things that i really love. and if you're more of a visual person, then you can watch my full review below... x

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