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the best & worst biodegradable eco nappies

hey all, today i want to talk about eco-disposables, or biodegradable eco nappies. this is a bit of a minefield, and i wish there had been more useful articles out there when i was making a choice as to which to try, so i hope that this post can go some way into helping you decide which is best for you.

so, let's start off with the why: why do "green", "eco", "biodegradable" nappies exist, and are they worth the price-tag?

really, they fill a gap. because for me, there are times in life where i'm too busy to wash cloth nappies, say i go on holiday, or i move house, or my son is with his grandmother for the weekend. and in that space of time, i do NOT want to put my son in Pampers, or any standard nappies, because i know it takes 450 YEARS for those nappies to decompose in landfill. and i don't like having that on my conscience.

also, did you know in the UK alone we throw away 8 MILLION nappies a day?! i don't know about you, but that just seems like an insane amount. and if there's anything i can do to relieve some of that waste, i will. which is why we chose cloth first and foremost, because it can actually be zero-waste, sending nothing to landfill. (and if you want to see me talk all about cloth nappies, there's a video up on my YT channel that is a good beginners guide).

but, it's not just about the environment. eco nappies have so many fewer chemicals in them, and so they tend to be better for your baby's health too. things like chlorine, bleach, latex, perfumes, dioxins, parabens, etc - these won't usually be found in eco nappies. and as i often react to chemicals in things - perfumes, laundry detergents, etc, i would always want to chose the thing that's most gentle on his bottom.

so, let's talk about the different brands:

1. Bambo Nature - these are my absolute favourite! they come in every size you could possibly want, have never split or leaked, they cost 25p a nappy, and they are the least bulky nappy out of the lot we've tried - in fact, i think they're equivalent to a Pampers really.

the company is really solid, they're Danish, they are FSC certified, have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, are dermatologically tested and 95% of product waste is recycled during manufacturing.

Bambo Nature are also really available globally, and are on Mama Naturals favourites list, as well as Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian's baby essentials Amazon list.

2. Kit & Kin - these are a pretty close second to Bambo Nature. there are only two reasons i haven't awarded these my top favourite - firstly, they are pretty bulky in comparison to the others we've tried, and secondly, they only come in sizes 1-5. but they're a pretty recent company, so perhaps i should give them a little slack, and hope they will be developing a wider range soon!

the cost of these is pretty good at 26.5p per nappy, and the company was co-founded by Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice. they also donate to the World Land Trust with every nappy you purchase, and are fully Vegan certified. but their biggest claim, and arguably the reason that i love them the most is that they say that their nappies are fully biodegradable within 3-6 years!!

some people do say that because of the way that landfill works, 3-6 years isn't really realistic, and it's probably more like 50, but i'd still take that over 450, wouldn't you?

the designs are also really cute, with a different animal on the behind. my son is currently in the fox size. and also, we've never had a break or leak in them either.

oh, extra news - these are now available in Tesco superstores across the UK, so they will be SUPER accessible to those of us near a store!!

3. Moltex - this was our family favourite for a really long time, because they are well made and very reliable! they probably have the best absorption of any of these nappies, but also don't have the best eco credentials to go with that.

the cost of a moltex is 23p a nappy, which is the cheapest of the lot, and they're made in Germany (where we know well-engineered eco products are made).

the company say that the nappies are made with 50% renewable energy, and that the inner fluff and backsheet film is 100% biodegradable. so it's not exactly very brilliantly eco friendly in comparison with the first two. and they're also only available in sizes 1-6, and so, there are limitations there also.r

4. Naty - these are usually the eco option you will find at the supermarket. but are the ones i like the least, not least because they're the most expensive option at 28p a nappy. but also that they're the only one to split - actually the tabs split off quite frequently - and the only one to have had a leak (see the below video for more on that story!)

the eco credentials are pretty good for Naty, which is probably why you can find them more easily around Europe in general, and they do have a fantastic range of sizes which is really good.

they're made in Sweden, have a breathable cornstarch film and are 100% GMO free. they're not a bulky nappy option either and have a cute grey heart design on them. but, it's not good enough if i can't trust them to not leak.


so in conclusion, they're not exactly the standard 8p/9p per nappy that you'd see on standard brands, but we will continue to put our money where we believe the environment is supported, especially when they're as good at performing as Bambo Nature.

i buy ours at Ethical Superstore - a really easy to use website, that ships really quickly and offers the best prices, plus you can buy in bulk!

for more of a chat about these nappies, and to see them in more detail, watch my video:

thank you for reading! and please leave a comment telling me which your favourite is and why x

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