Thursday, 1 March 2018

better tasting than fiji

when the folks at aqua carpatica offered to send me some water to taste, i was intrigued enough to say yes. how many times do you get to taste test water?!

i've actually become something of a water snob since living in Belgium. and i can taste the difference between Brussels & Southampton (both as bad as each other), between places where my family live - Salisbury, Stafford and Shepton Mallet (Stafford is the best, Shepton follows second).

i think if you're a water drinker then you'll understand that what comes out the tap tastes different wherever you go. and there's a whole load of places around the world where bottled is preferred over tap for sanitary/health reasons. in France, for example, for years on holidays we would always get bottled water. and when i went on my trip round the world when i was in my early twenties, i relished trying all the new water flavours as we went.

now, if you're sat there reading this and you can't understand that some waters taste different than others, and you're just thinking "water is water is water, it all tastes the same to me!"... then perhaps you can agree that some waters just "feel" smoother as you drink them? i think this depends on how many minerals it has in it, and how well it's been processed into the bottle.

Fiji water was a long-time favourite - partially due to the shape of the bottle, but also because it was sweet and smooth and hugely refreshing. it also had nice memories for me having actually been to Fiji and drank it there.

enter Aqua Carpatica, water that hasn't been shipped half way around the globe, and even beat Fiji water in taste tests - in fact it's now the best bottled water, according to Olive Magazine. and half the price of Fiji water too! it also won 3 stars at the International Taste & Quality Institute - which is a "superior" honour.

it's bottled in the Carpathian mountains. sourced from a place untouched by industry or even agriculture. thank you Romania! the water spring is actually even in a protected area, so that's why it's so pure.

it's nitrate free and low in sodium - varying mineral content is the majority of the reason why bottled waters taste different. the purity of this particular water is a result of a low mineral content. you can compare different water brands nitrate content here and you'll understand a bit more about what this means...

very basically, nitrates are used in agriculture as fertilisers and do end up in bottled water rather often - and we do really want to avoid consuming them when we can! we avoid bacon and processed meats for the use of nitrates/nitrites in those products, and the studies on this are pretty finite in conclusion. nitrates are NOT good for you. so water without any nitrates is pretty special and very good, especially if you choose to drink bottled water more often!

so, enough blurb - what do i really think?

it is really nice water! and with it being 79p a litre, it's a pretty darned good price for bottled water, and i shall be on the lookout for it in shops next time i need a bottle.

more perks:

  • you can also get it sparkling if you're into that.
  • their plastic bottle is BPA free and recyclable, but you can also get it in glass.
  • it's got a high concentration of bicarbonate, which helps digestion and neutralizes lactic acid buildup after exercise.

so, i'd suggest you try it, and even if you can't taste that it's different, just know that it's better for your body because there's no nitrate residue! and the planet, because if you have to have bottled water, it's better to be shipped from Romania than Fiji if you live in Europe.

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