Wednesday, 28 February 2018

a colourful and cosy children's bedroom

when we moved back into the house, the first thing we wanted to get sorted was my son's bedroom. he was about 21 months at the time we moved and it was important to have enough space to play around - and thankfully he has one of the biggest rooms in the house.

we haven't taken painstakingly long to "decorate" as such - i'm more of a "throw it all together and hope for the best" type person. but it has seemed to come together, with elements of cosy as well as cheerful fun.

the first thing we knew we would put in the room to help organise things was the giant red Ikea shelves, which if truth be told, i don't really like, but they do seem to work in this room, thankfully! it contains all of his upstairs toys (we rotate), and his books and various other things like, toys for when he gets a bit older (i like to be prepared) as well as things from when he was younger (just in case we have another baby somewhen).

the book collection is pretty good, and i imagine it's about to grow this week with his 2nd birthday just coming up...

i bought a couple of these great fabric bags on Amazon ages ago, and they're super duper handy because they're SO big! this one just contains soft animals and other soft toys, and really his favourite game is to empty it out completely and then leave a huge mess everywhere, occasionally talking to a penguin along the way.

his cot bed is from Ikea, and unfortuantely they don't do this one anymore, which is such a shame because it is perfect! barred all the way round, with no full flat edges, able to have it at two heights, and able to take down one side to make it into a bed to last until he goes to school / we have another baby that needs it and he can get a single bed.

his changing table is actually just a set of drawers that used to be in our bedroom, but that we repurposed - there's a lot of repurposing in his room - and no contains all his clothes, shoes, socks, changing "stuff" and cloth nappies...

the best part of the room, or well, my favourite part, is the reading corner, where every evening he climbs onto mummy or daddy's lap with his choice of book and we sit and read and rock gently. the nice warm lamp illuminates the room in a beautifully "hygge" way (that's a Swedish word meaning 'warm and cosy') that makes him sleepy and me fell all full and happy. funny how a light can do that!

and then I did film a video tour of it, just so you can get the whole impression...

thank you so much for reading! i hope you have a lovely and very blessed day x

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