Monday, 24 July 2017

why i love sweden - the perfect holiday destination for families

have you ever found it really hard to leave a place? well, this week i did.

it was a weird feeling really, sort of like I was leaving home... so i think it's safe to say that Sweden has taken a little piece of me and i shall have to go back soon.

so here's a little list of reasons why i love Sweden (for those of you who've never been), in no particular order:

*cinnamon rolls are everywhere. as are cardamom knots, which are gorgeous too
*everyone speaks English, but not in an annoyed way, they are always extremely friendly
*the countryside is exceptional, all lakes and forests and farms

*the air is seriously clean
*even in little cafes you can get a prawn salad
*its THE most child friendly place I've ever been - toy boxes, changing stations and high chairs in almost all places we went, even ones we didn't expect. also in restaurants they were so happy to do half portions of regular dishes
*perfect weather (for me) - 24c in the summer and a few clouds, you'll tan because you'll be outside so much

*sightseeing is pretty easy because lots of things to see are free, Slottskogen, Varberg castle, all the lakes
*the Swedes attitude for life is one of a kind - they like things simple and beautiful in all aspects of living, not just their home furnishings - when we arrived at our @airbnb I asked the guy if there were any rules for swimming in the lake and he looked at me like i was crazy and said "of course not, and if it's there evening you could go in naked". they love to party and have friends round and they love a good barbecue

*Lilla Laxen - the BEST drive thru on the planet? it's salmon and potatoes in a drive through, seriously, yes, so good.
*swimming in lakes is so much better than swimming in any other kind of water, and Sweden has a LOT of lakes ;)
*seafood is abundant, fresh and delicious

so if you haven't yet been, or even considered Sweden as a holiday destination, then you probably should. especially if you have babies and/or children, or are the adventurous type. it's probably not for you if you just want a reliably hot beach holiday... although Halmstad is a great beach resort if you're interested in being beach-side.

and one word of caution... because of the abundance of trees and water, Sweden is usually known for their mosquitoes and other tiny biting critters, so make sure to pack a bug spray. although, this year we didn't seem to be bothered by them at all, so clearly it wasn't the year for them. or my new bug spray is hugely effective!

thanks for reading, and please let me know your favourite undiscovered holiday destinations...

currently listening to: (the tune of the holiday) despacito by luis fonsi