Tuesday, 16 February 2016

a veggie lunch at mammouth

as you all know, i love vegetables. though i don't call myself vegan, i do love to eat as many vegetables in every meal as i can. so, i'm always looking out for places i can go out to eat that will serve lots of delicious vegetables.

from reviews online, mammouth seemed to fulfil my criteria. and i was not disappointed. in fact i left the cafe absolutely stuffed full of incredible veggies, with a big smile on my face.

i went with a friend of mine who was headed back to the uk, and was just about to take the Eurostar. mammouth is in the perfect location for anyone coming to and from the Eurostar, because it is right there next to Gare du Midi. it's not a particularly lovely area to hang out in around there, but this is a little haven. in fact, sat inside the cafe was a seriously chilled atmosphere, and i would go there to just sit for a little while and enjoy the calm.

part of the reason for the calm is the unique way they've organised the ordering system. you write down what you want on a piece of paper, highlight where you're sat and then take it up to the counter, and then the food you've asked for is just brought to you when it's ready.

i chose the 'petite soupe & grande assiette de legumes' (little soup and large plate of vegetables) option - which as it turned out was almost too much food for me to manage! but you better believe that i ate every last bite, because each and every part of the meal was perfectly flavoured and seasoned. my favourite salads were the riced cauliflower salad, beet hummus, cold grilled lettuce, and the cucumber had some sort of delicious citrus poppyseed dressing that was just so scrumptious.

the squash soup and sourdough bread was gorgeous, and particularly fantastic because of the seasoning that had been sprinkled on the top.

for dessert i had the chocolate pudding pie (moelleux), and my friend had the raspberry crumble tart. both delicious, both very sweet. really we should've got them to take away because we were so full...

so, next time you catch the Eurostar, or are around the St Gilles area, or fancy catching the metro there, i really recommend going to Mammouth for a big plate of veggies. or you can get takeaway too ;)

thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

currently watching: raw. vegan. not gross. episodes with laura miller - also love the foraging, kompot and wildcrafting episodes she's made, so watchable and interesting. i encourage you to spend an hour on YouTube watching some of her videos - i think you'll be inspired.

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