Thursday, 28 January 2016

a raw, vegan lunch at moon food

my mum has popped over for a couple of days to visit, and this gave me the opportunity to make it to moon food, a raw, vegan, gluten-free cafe that i've been anticipating visiting for a little while now.

it's just a few paces from the parc metro station, and is easy to find therefore. for anyone visiting the city on holiday it's also pretty close to the palace and the parc de bruxelles, and it's also about a 10 minute walk to the central sightseeing locations, including the gorgeous galeries royale (with all the chocolate shops you could ask for) and the grand place.

at the cafe you simply take a plate and fill it with whatever you want, and then you pay by weight. you can get just raw if you want to, or a mix of raw and vegan. and everything has all the ingredients listed there, so you know exactly whats in things. there's also the option to have a bottle of water or a glass of organic wine.

i chose a little bit of everything - the only way to really tell quite how good a place is, right?

there was a buckwheat beetroot salad, cabbage dish, med veg dish, raw lasagne, raw pizza with olives, raw wrap, raw kale salad and some toasted cashews to top it all off...

for dessert there was only one option for the day, a raw tiramisu...

super yummy, very nutty and not too sweet or dense. i would go there for another slice, for sure.

the atmosphere is very chilled and calm in there, so sitting down would be my preference for lunch, but in the summer months a takeaway box to have in the park would be just brilliant.

mum and i left there with a big smile on our faces, knowing that the food had been tasty and good value, and that it was also really healthy and good for our bodies, what more could you ask for?

thank you for reading 

currently reading: the plantiful table, written by the wonderful blogger Andrea of Oh Dear Drea, i can't wait to do a review on the blog for you all, because there's so many recipes i want to make in it

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