Wednesday, 30 July 2014

the latest on instagram

hello all! just in case you've not spotted, i've been posting regularly over on instagram during these last busy months... here's a couple of snapshots from my profile for you. i hope you enjoy getting this little glimpse into my life.

my busy-ness has been caused by work - writing on top of working extra hours isn't really a reality, let alone being able to spend time photographing my food on anything other than my iphone. anyhow, i've not stopped creating new recipes and trying new things, exploring vegan living and learning how to serve my husband 'manly' non-meat meals.

hopefully i'll be sharing with you soon my latest pics from our holiday in yorkshire, seeing the tour de france and rambling through the north york moors...

apologies for my small disappearance! thanks for sticking with me and thank you for reading :)

currently listing to: the cultivate simple podcast, episode 51