Tuesday, 4 March 2014

hot berries, canalside walks and bruises

 hello lovely reader, i hope you are having a great day. today's post is another mish-mash, an update on life, food, travel and other bits and bobs (including my new bruises - oops!)...

firstly, new designs are available in my spreadshirt store, "I love vegetables" and "I love veggies", in a variety of organic tshirts for men, women and kids... i was trying to find something similar on all the tshirt stores for wearing to the gym, but couldn't find it, so thought i'd design it myself!

lunch today is a big bowl full of veggies and a few tortelloni, along with a cup of chamomile tea...

hot berries and tahini on toast - a really delicious dessert, or perfect for breakfast! simply heat up some frozen berries til warm, in the meantime toast some sourdough or organic rye, slather with tahini and cover with the hot berries, then sprinkle with ground flaxseed. perfection!!

we visited Stafford for the weekend to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. we went on a couple of long walks in the cold but beautiful countryside, and we spotted loads of snowdrops... spring is on it's way!

we walked alongside the canal, where we went at Christmas too... there were a whole heap of runners doing a 38mile run who kept passing us - impressive!

we went out for lunch both days, enjoying a good pub lunch (veggie lasagne is always a good choice - spare the garlic bread, add extra salad!) and spending time with Pete's gorgeous mum and gran. we were blessed to have a little sunshine too, and i swear my freckles are showing more!

now onto something a little disastrous... on Sunday when we got home, i fell over. i was walking quickly in the rain on wet ground in boots with little grip, and i fell. Pete said it was the hardest he'd ever seen anyone fall (i said, well i am 6 foot, the last time i fell i was probably much shorter!).

i have an impressive array of bruises, one whopper on my upper thigh which was also very grazed, as well as a huge gash on my chin, which needs to heal over, and which almost needed stitches. i also bit my lip, so have a very swollen fat upper lip...

thankfully, praise God, i'm not more hurt, that i didn't fall in the road, and that the only lasting damage may be a small scar on my chin...

my impressive elbow bruise, causing me not to be able to drive...

so there we go... it's funny falling over when you're older, i felt like a prize idiot. but hey ho, life definitely goes on.

thanks for reading!

currently listening to: trouble is by hayden panettiere - loving the new series of Nashville.

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  1. Love the food as always those berries and tahini on toast sounds lovely! I hope your bruises heal soon!


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