Wednesday, 19 March 2014

chinese green tea cake and polish pierogi in birmingham

hi all! if you've been following me on instagram, you might have spotted that i went up to Birmingham for the weekend with my lovely husband - we were in need of a lovely break together, and had this planned in since last autumn...

i have visited the city before, but only for a day. and i was keen to get to know this city better... it's got lots to offer visitors besides incredible shopping - cute canals, incredible architecture, excellent music venues, tasty food, china town, the custard factory (a vintage clothing place), to name but a few.

the architecture is a mish-mash of styles, from very old to very new - the new library is awesome (see the building on the right in the distance!). it's worth going in it and up the escalator to see the interior too, and then to take in the view from the deck...

we ate breakfast outside of the hotel we were staying at - and though the art deco style Centenary Lounge at Brimingham Moor Street was lovely, my favourite place was at Canalside Cafe in Regency Wharf - the BEST vegan sausages i've ever tasted.

if you're looking for a good coffee, 6/8 Kafe is the place to go - proper freshly roasted and ground coffee, and if you're a real coffee lover or someone who doesn't like coffee strong, get the Chemex, it will make you think twice about drinking instant coffee.

one of my favourite places to visit was China Town - and especially Caffe Chino, which served up the most amazing array of cakes, filled with lychee, red bean paste, green tea, and other exciting things. they also serve bubble tea! they also serve buns filled with lotus root (we got one for the journey home - it was amazing).

i got a diet coke and a green tea sponge with red bean paste cream... divine, and almost life-changing.

they also make cakes for special occasions, in different shapes, flavours and colours, as well as making vegan ones apparently. i would love one for my next special occasion!

birmingham is also the winner of the prestigious 'Britain in Bloom' award, and it shows across the city, with gorgeous bright displays (albeit aided by the beautiful sun we had at the weekend)... the gardener in me was very happy.

on saturday evening we went to a Polish restaurant called The Karczma and ate some very delicious Pierogi (the first I've ever tried) and lounged on sheepskin rugs...

we visited Custard Factory, where i purchased a vintage skirt for £3 (bargain, even though i'm going to have to take it in and up on the sewing machine), and enjoyed the cuteness of adapted shirts and Levi cut-offs. 

we ended the weekend by going to see Fall Out Boy live - who were amazing! The Pretty Reckless were the support group, and it was worth a bit of a queue to wait to see them... i did my best job of looking like a rock fan with my 'Let's Be Alone Together' tshirt (please dismiss the hair - it gets pretty warm with a standing ticket!)

so i think i've fallen in love with birmingham. i will go again. and i will definitely get tickets to some other awesome show at the NIA - live music is incredible and so much FUN!

currently listening to: save rock & roll by fall out boy - can't get this song out my head... (even if the beginning is a little bit rude)


  1. Always loved Brum & down to earth Brummies!


  2. Hi!

    Glad you enjoyed Birmingham it's my hometown <3
    I would recommend going to the Museum, to Ladypool road if you like Indian food there are lots of fab restaurants there, The Electric Cinema (oldest cinema in the UK i believe it's gorgeous) as well as the theatres
    Didn't realise you were on instagram what is your username unless its a personal account?
    Glad you're blogging again I enjoy reading your blog posts
    Bye , Sam :)

    1. Thanks Sam, I will definitely look into those tips next time I am there! My username is alissasr on Instagram :)

  3. I've always wanted to go to Birmingham, its on the list! That cake looks delicious : )

  4. Hi there!

    I'm also know Brum well- went to uni there! This is a great post! So I looked you up on amazon having stumbled across this and bought your (your mom's?) wedding planner! So excited can't wait to read it! We are not getting married quite so fast but reasonably quickly by my friends standards so thought it sounded helpful. Wondered if you would consider telling us your love story at some point? I bet it was inspiring since you seem like an inspirational couple!

    Anyway, thanks!

    Susie X


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