Monday, 10 March 2014

blue skies and a falafel salad box

this weekend was gorgeous. my man came back from a long business trip away, and the sun shone bright. we walked a lot. we did some gardening. i got some lovely 'get well soon' flowers from my mother-in-law. i wore my sunglasses for the first time this year. and i ate the best falafel in all of england... i am blessed!!

i hope you are felling very happy too! and if not, i hope and pray you find new joys in your day today...

now onto an update on the last couple of days:

i'm not joking that these are the best falafel - soft, full of spice, on a bed of salad, with roasted aubergines and pickled radish, and drizzled with tahini sauce and chilli sauce. if you're ever in southampton on a market day, make sure you visit Falafel Express...

the beautiful blue sky!! (with the waving flag from the top of the falafel stand...)

this weekend started so fantastically - last Friday my mum sent me home from her's with a container full of fresh ginger tea, which is just what i need to help my bruises heal over, and was just perfect for my elevenses... (i really want to get myself this stainless steel container)

i've received my first Graze box (i'm not sure i'll continue getting them) - but i loved the popcorn bag, with very yummy popcorn, in the perfect quantity for 1 person to nibble on.

spinach and ricotta tortelloni with broccoli, basil leaves, sundried tomatoes, and a side of beetroot and butter bean hummus...

we did a lot of walking this weekend, but we had a little drive to the hardware store to check out some things for the house/garden - it's so lovely to drive in the sunshine in shades, and my man insisted on putting his favourite summer tunes on and winding down the windows - it has to be done!

as a welcome home treat, we went for a date lunch at our favourite tapas bar La Regata in southampton, where we feasted very well indeed, on a seafood platter, with lots of veggies too. like sunshine on a plate!

so there you have it, a little glimpse into my weekend... more recipes and lunchboxes to come! and i'll also be sharing my meatosophy with you, as well as an update on how Pete and i are choosing to eat in the future.... (oh, exciting!)

have a lovely week :)

currently listening to: 10,000 reasons by matt redman


  1. Your meatosophy?! How exciting!! Can u pls also share your dessertosophy at sum point too? Both things I'm struggling with. Don't have diabetes but another condition where need high protein and balanced sugar levels. Love yr blog. Super delightful! You're like a vegan low sugar angel delight! :-) KD x

    1. A dessertosophy is a fab idea! Thanks for the lovely compliments :)

  2. Ahhh hasn't it just been lovely, blue skies and sunshine is definitely making me smile. Love all your food!

  3. dear alissaevelyn, i am pretty sure judging from yur blog that u are a christian. i noticed that on your val's day post in 2012 you said it was your first ever v-day with a man. since you do such inspiring videos (i'm aware u don't get v theological in them) but i did wonder whether you cud talk 2 us about sum healthy attitudes to finding love and maybe even about waiting 4 the one? it would help lots of people i am sure and your story sounds like it might be one of the more inspiring ones (as opposed to christian girls off the rains dating in and out of church etc. which seem to be a lot of girls i know). wud u consider doing something about that? okay... my other request is just more style blogs from u please as u are also v prettily dressed :-))))) :-DDDDDDD

    1. That's a lovely idea, I've been thinking about a similar video but haven't really got round to it as I wasn't sure whether it's something people would want to hear... I will see if I can get onto doing it! Keep an eye out :)


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