Monday, 10 February 2014

delicacies and delights of London: part 1

i've just come back from a weekend in London with my mum, visiting my gorgeous cousin Millie, and her new husband Nick. i took a good number of snaps to share with you all... there's so many this'll be a two-part post (the second will have the photos of our delicious lunch at Vantra - a vegan and raw restaurant! sneak preview on my facebook page)

 ♥ we went on the train up to London (pre-booked via megatrain to save a few pennies), and we were blessed with gorgeous views of the lovely English countryside, along with many scenes covered in floods of course.

i packed us a little lunch, leftover red lentil and sweet potato stew, topped with a little salad and some feta. my mum was very appreciative. and i was very appreciative of the delicious Honeybuns brownie she has brought with her to share!

we met at Waterloo, and it was so exciting to see her! we had the afternoon to walk a bit round London and have a natter in a coffee house somewhere. firstly though we stopped by the Real Food Festival, sampling delicious falafel, coq au vin and beautiful breads - definitely recommended for any foodie, and perfect for lunch (we'll go there for falafel next time for sure!)

we stopped by Le Pain Quotidien (the one by the South Bank Centre) - it serves chia and coconut milk pudding, quinoa scones, along with it's sugary French pastries and amazing hot chocolates :)

then we strolled along the Thames and took in the scenery...

we went to  Borough Market, as my mum had never been before, and strolled around the different stalls. we bought a naughty German cake filled with custard, marvelled at the mountains of colourful tomatoes on offer and tasted a little bit of each stand.

we stopped by a little German deli near to Neals Yard Dairy and Monmouth coffee, serving fresh pretzels, and all took our first ever bite of proper pretzel - deliciously salty!

we ended the day back at my cousin's beautiful flat, only 20 mins on the train from the centre of London, and she made us a delicious sweet potato, chorizo and egg salad. yummy!

so that's part 1! looking forward to sharing my Vantra Vitao experience with you in part 2...

currently watching: Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home on 4OD - i wish i had my own little house in the woods, makes me think of the girl who married a bear (gorgeous blog, well worth a read!)

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  1. You've promoted the capital as a gem & a foodie's paradise(good unintentional advert,Alissa:-)!



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