Wednesday, 29 January 2014

courgette spaghetti with pesto

hello everyone, time for a very delicious recipe! this is so easy, that i can't believe it's taken me this long to actually make it, and since i tried it for the first time last week, i've made it 4 times since then - it's the perfect lunchtime treat, and excellent for my lunchbox...

the courgette spaghetti or noodles are cut with a simple cheap julienne slicer (not a spiraliser) that my mum bought me for Christmas (awesome present!), and it takes about 2 minutes to slice a whole courgette...

♥ this particular slicer is available from Amazon (see here) - just be careful when you're using it, as it's very sharp...

mixed in with my favourite pesto (Sainsbury's Taste the Difference is the only one made with the proper ingredients, including actual olive oil), it's so yummy. although i'm keen to hear other flavours that people have tried with their courgette spaghetti? obviously a raw tomato sauce would be divine.

courgette spaghetti with pesto
serves 1

1 medium courgette/zucchini
1 dsp pesto
freshly ground black pepper

1. wash and dry your courgettes.
2. use a julienne peeler or spiraliser to make your courgette noodles.
3. mix in the pesto and black pepper to taste.

cook's notes: 
- served fresh this has the best texture, but can also be made in advance for lunch the following day, and it won't lose much water or shape.
- you could also blanch these in very hot water to serve this as a hot dish.
- serve with fresh salad greens and sprinkle with extra pine nuts and dried berries.

i added houmous, salad greens and sliced red pepper on the side, and stirred in a few barberries for texture...

perfect for lunch at my desk, although eating spaghetti is always a pretty messy affair!, this time with walnuts and tomatoes too.

thanks for reading! do let me know if you try this out, or if you have suggestions for other sauces...

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Friday, 24 January 2014

stewed rhubarb and lunches at home

hello all! i hope you are well, and have had a productive and fun week so far...

today i'm sharing a little of what i eat when i work from home - i get that little bit more time to prep, but still want something that's quick to do and healthy. so here are some examples:

i took this photo back in autumn last year, when courgette's were flowering in our garden. this was such a tasty lunch (tomatoes, peas, raisins, homegrown salad leaves, houmous, red onion), and made even more perfect by the conscious wild at heart chocolate bar - so scrummy and healthy too.

i do love a good breakfast. i'm currently in a very serious egg phase. this was an easy-over fried egg on pesto smothered sourdough toast, with a side of mushrooms, and a bowl of stewed rhubarb with a pot of Yeo Valley yogurt, yum.

some tasty nibbly lunch, with leftovers from the weekend - there's a little pâté and cured meats in there (not my usual, but a nice treat), and the last tiny bite of a chocolate and rum flavoured Polish cake (i will have to tell you of my love and experience of Polish cakes one day)...

another crudité-style lunch with homegrown salad leaves, with a dip left from a curry, some figs (LOVE figs), some peanuts and a mug of herbal tea...

you're getting used to my style now - chopped fresh veggies and homegrown salad leaves, topped with sprinkled sunflower and pumpkin seeds, red pepper houmous and stewed apples with yogurt on the side.

so deeee-licious!

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed sneaking a peek at my tasty eats.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

red boots and a swedish feast

well, hello all. how is 2014 treating you so far?

i have been feeling very excited about this year. there's a buzz about it, and lots of my friends and family agree with this. i've no big plans for the year really - work as normal, hopefully finish my beauty book that i've been working on for several years, eat lots of really good food... remain feeling as content as i do right in this moment.

Christmas itself was very busy. there was a lot of driving, but there was always a very excited face and a big hug at the end of each journey, so it was worth it. we shared lots of very special moments, and created lots of new memories with our lovely family.

so here it is in pictures:

the julbord - a swedish feast. the Christmas eve tradition lives on. there's a lot of meat, but a delightful salad too (of which I am the main consumer!)

we sing songs to meatballs, there lots of drinking of good wine and schnapps, and lots of laughter...

the morning after i enjoy leftover ham and cheese on bread (not my usual style, but very yummy - especially with Nando's Peri Peri drizzle), and a bowl of yogurt with muesli, a pear and a cup of swedish coffee.

on Christmas day we visited my mum's side of the family...

...where we ate a phenomenal Christmas dinner - with lovely vegetables, gravy, bread sauce, stuffing, all the trimmings.

then off up to the Midlands to visit Pete's family. it was so beautiful to spend time walking around where Pete grew up, and hearing him tell me stories of his childhood. it is such gorgeous scenery there too (albeit very cold indeed).

we ate some very good food too - lots of salad veggies, with a little bite of indulgence from Christmas cheese and the traditional pork pie.

we also got to sample the Christmas pudding we made! it was very delicious, and the highlight of my mother-in-law's Christmas break. i was pleasantly surprised to see what it looked like finally.

i only ate a tiny slice (it's not exactly low carb) - but i couldn't not try it. i even popped my Christmas slipper boots on for the occasion.

one last thing before i go - here is a little video about contentment that i made at the end of last year. if you're struggling to see the positives in your life, hopefully this may go some way to help when you're a little blue...

thanks for reading and watching!

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