Wednesday, 11 December 2013

eggs sunny side up and pecan apple yogurt

hi all, today's post is a sum up of some of my most recent breakfasts... i love a good breakfast.

oat drop scones, drizzled with tahini and honey, sprinkled with pecans. i made the mix the night before, left it in the fridge and it was good to go on an early morning. it tasted delicious topped with homemade applesauce, and a side of rooibos tea.

breakfast for two. smoked salmon, avocado, salad greens, fresh tomato, horseradish sauce, a fried egg and a cappucino with soya milk from Coffee #1 down the road.

eggs easy over and sprinkled with dill, with fried mushrooms on a slice of sourdough. and the choice of a tiny, fruity little yeo.

breakfast for two. homemade speciality coffee from Has Bean, with little yeos, fried eggs, cucumber, houmous and salsa. delish. (and loving our new Christmas candle from Ikea!)

organic greek yogurt, pecans and homemade apple sauce. a simple breakfast after a heavy dinner the night before. loving the new crochet blanket i picked up at a local charity store.

more fried eggs. i love them! i love eating round the yolk, then popping the whole yolk in my mouth at once, like my great grandfather used to. with a side of homemade rhubarb flapjack.

i hope you are all well! thank you for reading.

currently listening to: soul cake by sting - one of my favourite Christmas songs, if not my actual top favourite.