Wednesday, 23 October 2013

hot samphire salad and mizuna flowers

hello lovely readers, happy wednesday!

today i have some of my latest eats for you - by way of hopefully inspiring your dinner times out of the ordinary:

chunky vegetable soup with thai red curry paste is a good thing. even better with mashed avocado on rye crispbread (takes me back to my time in Oz) - the perfect working lunch.

hot chicken and vegetable salad with roasted sweet potato, green beans, a thousand other veg and a side of fried samphire. covered with a beautiful drizzle of our favourite French's mustard.

chickpea salad with tahini dressing, mizuna flowers, raw homegrown courgettes, radish, sultanas and homegrown salad leaves (i use a mix from work, specially made for Autumn). this is my go-to lunch when i am working from home.

you may have noticed that i adore chocolate by now? well, i tried this new handmade raw chocolate called lovechock the other day (i had the almond/fig flavour). i think it would make the perfect introduction to raw chocolate for someone who is used to eating milk chocolate candy bars, and would make a lovely pressie for christmas, and at £2.78 for 40g it is a treat, but well worth it!

i also tried out some kale chips for the first time. baobab and onion may not have been my best choice of flavour, but the saltiness and texture were so crispy, they were addictive. i think next time i'd like to try something sweeter, and see how they were - the raspberry maca ones sound awesome. a perfect diabetic snack :)

cooking for Pete can be tricky - he loves lean protein, and we always have to make sure we get our 20-25g of protein at each meal. but it gets boring to have chicken again and again. so one day i decided to schnitzel it. surprisingly simple - all i did was bash a couple of breasts with a mallet and cover with spicy ground almonds, then fry in coconut oil. perfection with sweet potato fries and griddled asparagus. one of our favourite dinners.

thanks for reading!

currently listening to: the last episode of the Great British Bake Off - so happy with the winner, though I sort of thought they all deserved to win!


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