Monday, 30 September 2013

coconut milk panna cotta with agar agar

i have a very simple, delicious and healthy recipe to share with you all today... it's coconut milk panna cotta made with agar agar flakes. it's so easy to whip up for dessert, that i keep a small jar of agar agar flakes (which you can get from most supermarkets - i have used the Sanchi brand) in the cupboard, along with a tin of coconut milk for any time i fancy something a bit "treat-y".

you can soften the texture with some yogurt, or extra coconut cream if you like. the recipe is basic, leaving it open for you to get creative, add in flavourings that you love and top it with whatever you enjoy!

you can easily place this in moulds and then turn it out and drizzle with a delicious berry sauce and make it look incredibly elegant! all i did was place it in some pretty bowls and eat the entire thing straight away - oops. it still looked beautiful though...

coconut milk panna cotta
makes 4 small desserts

1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp agar agar flakes
1 tbsp honey

1. place the coconut milk and agar agar flakes in a saucepan, and let sit for 15 minutes.
2. whisk together and then bring to a simmer - stir constantly.
3. keep whisking on the heat until the agar agar flakes have completely dissolved - about 5 minutes.
4. leave the pan to cool for 15 minutes, then whisk again and divide into your serving bowls. cool these at room temperature for half an hour, and then pop them in the fridge to harden up for 4 hours.

cook's notes:
  • these have a tendency to separate, depending on the brand/type of coconut milk you use. to reduce the changes of creating two layers in your dessert, choose the best quality coconut milk, add in some extra yogurt or coconut cream, and follow the above steps, making sure not to boil the mixture.
  • the recipe is inspired by the one on Camille Styles blog
  • this is a great body cleanser - this seaweed is fantastic for digestion (see full health benefits and uses on Web MD - love discovering new ingredients)!
this was so good i made it 3 times in a week! it's good with raspberries and fresh mint, or a sprinkle of ground flaxseed, and works well with cinnamon and fresh vanilla seeds. i've also added coconut palm sugar as the sweetener but that makes it a little too brown in colour and therefore not totally appetising.

thanks for reading! i hope you're all enjoying the beginning of autumn i'm loving the colours begin to change in the trees...)

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  1. Oh wow! This looks incredible! I just tried panna cotta for the first time this summer and loved it! I've been trying to think of a healthy way of making it myself! Hmm, don't have any agar agar, but I wonder if another thickener would work...maybe tapioca flour?

  2. Where I live we only have powdered agar, but it works just the same, so I am totally going to make this! :)

  3. Um wow! Gotta try this, thanks for sharing!


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