Monday, 12 August 2013

lazy summer days by the sea

summer days, drifting away.

i've loved our heat wave this year in england. for so many reasons. but mostly because it makes everyone cheery and smiley. i can walk around my little city suburb and feel a buzz of energy. creativity and ideas spark, and very little can be wrong when the temperature is peaking at 30c.

of course, nature is stunning, the garden is full and fresh produce is glorious now too.

here are some of my latest eats and journeys...

porridge with quinoa, topped with ground flaxseeds, St Dalfour marmalade, cinnamon and raisins, as well as a drizzle of homemade almond cream.

we visited the seaside on a sunny weekend, trampling across rocks, stumbling across British summer fĂȘtes, taking water taxis and breathing in the beautiful fresh sea air. 

chickpea pizza is both filling and light, and perfect with fresh asparagus. it's a regular staple in this house, and is always made with different toppings every time (i still love the florentina).

pasta and summer go together perfectly. i was addicted to tortelloni at university, and it was lovely rediscovering it this summer. perfect pre-cycle food for Pete, and a lovely treat for me, especially with homegrown basil, ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

more pea and pesto soup for lunch, with feta and dukkah and sesame crispbread...

looking forward to the rest of our summer days. more lazy weekends, time in the gardening, reading outdoors and picnics in the garden...

how are you enjoying your summer?

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