Sunday, 23 June 2013

lunchbox week #06

lunchboxes are getting more exciting as summer comes into full flow and local produce is in abundance. loving organic chard, kale and spinach from our farm shop attached to every evening meal, and snuck into lunches too...

i hope you're finding some inspiration in these lunchbox posts - i'd love to hear what you have, so please do leave a comment!

chicken, sweet potato and spinach curry (with plenty of other veg thrown in) - leftovers reheated are absolutely perfect! something hot is always welcome on a wet and windy work day.

potato and boiled egg salad, with dill, cucumber, baby tomatoes, celery and greens. YUM! a little olive oil dressing was all that was required.

butternut squash and red lentil stew - one of my favourite recipes (adapted from one from Waitrose), low on carbs and packed full of tasty nutrients. also very quick and easy to cook - great for batch cooking and keeping for lunches for several days. even tastes good cold!

simple light salad with avocado, raisins, dill, radish, tomato, cucumber. sometimes this is all i want when i've eaten a little too much heavy food the night before, or i've eaten late...

seafood curry/stew with sweet potato, spinach and smoked haddock. really very delicious and quick to make. this is a staple recipe in our household. perfect followed with, or preceded by (if you're following food combining properly!), a tasty apple.

let me know if you'd like any of the recipes for these, and i'll do my best to get them posted up!

also, stop by for a behind the scenes look at what i do at work on garlic & sapphire... thanks for reading :)

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  1. Love these ideas! Do you have raw or cooked veg in your salads? I find raw veg so hard to digest!

    1. Mostly raw - but some things cooked. Depends on the veg...

  2. That´s really great, I love your food, it always look so nice and delicious! ;-) Mmmm <3 :)

  3. Hey Alissa! Love this post- so inspiring to see yummy lunches that are deeply nutritious, too. I have a few questions for you. 1 is where do you get so many groovy plates from? 2 is I saw your caffeine video...and I wondered what you thoughts are on the simplest thing of all- water. Do you think the 'experts' ask us to drink too much? And what about filtering and alkaline and mineral water? 3 is what is a flexitarian cos i am not sure! ta muchly, Anna from Glasgeeeee

    1. I source plates from charity shops and look for Staffordshire pottery in particular. The red and blue ones in this post are from Emma Bridgewater (we have them at our office)...

      About water - I drink tap water or glass bottled water. Pete is a chemical engineer and he knows what our tap water goes through and is happy for me to drink it... so I trust him! Drink as much as you can - I think 8 glasses is about right in my experience, but each person is different.

      A flexitarian is someone who eats mostly vegetarian, but eats meat occasionally... a semi-vegetarian I suppose I am. It's not ethical, it's a health conscious vegetarianism.

      Thanks for the compliments :)

  4. Hi Alissa!
    you have created some very imaginative and palette pleasing recipes here! What are your opinions on 'the liquid' side of healthy eating, for example green tea. Would it be something you recommend or do you favour food as being the necessary component to a healthy lifestyle?

    Many thanks!

  5. I would love for you to post the recipe for the curry!:)


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