Friday, 8 March 2013

kale tahini tomato salad and a frothy cappucino

happy end of the week! i hope you've all had a good working week and you feel like you've accomplished some good things and had lots of fun with awesome people.

i'm looking forward to celebrating mother's day this weekend - i'm off to spend time with my mum, taking her out to a french restaurant that i know she'll love, and cooking roast for my grandparents on sunday at her apartment...

now to my latest eats:

brown rice congee with raisins, banana and a little organic yogurt and ground flaxseed - i forgot how much i love this, so creamy and delicious made with Kara coconut milk.

steamed organic kale from the nearest farm shop on top of fresh salad leave, topped with a beautiful red tomato chopped chunky and covered with a tahini lemon mustard dressing... a perfect light lunch when i wasn't feeling particularly hungry.

i realise that i never showed you photos of the snow in Southampton (which is where i live now) - it's snowed more times than i can ever remember before, and has looked so beautiful falling onto our garden... we left it untouched, and so it was pristinely white and magical for about 3 days in january. 

frothy soy cappucinos are a little bit of an indulgence for me from time to time. and i had one at work the other day - it's a great treat, without being too extravagant. soy milk froths really well and i love taking spoonfuls of this delicious froth before i start drinking the actual drink.

leftover brown rice stir fried with an egg, spinach, onion and an other leftovers is a yummy and quick hot dinner, and is perfection eaten with chopsticks. i love eating with chopsticks.

so that's my latest foodie treats - now i want to share with you a little bit about someone very special to me...

my mother is incredible. i've probably never truly voiced that here on this blog, but she is. i wrote a letter to her once on my diabetes blog to say thank you for her support, which was quite popular and produced a rather lovely lot of comments. and it also inspired us to write to each other when i was in australia in 2011 (these letters have since been published on kindle) - receiving her letters encouraged and inspired me to 'woman-up' - to feel strong, to be courageous and to find out how to take my next steps in my life.

she's an incredible woman, and i love her to pieces. 

we see each other fairly often even now i'm married, and we're planning yearly long weekends abroad together - this year we'll be going off to Norway in june (so looking forward to the food there). we love travelling together and have been to all sorts of places just me and her, do you remember the hot chocolate in Printemps in Paris? or zucchini balls on the Greek island of Folegandros? all trips with the girls. very food centred, and very wonderful. she understands the meaning of good homecooked, traditional food, and she also enjoyed my cooking and encouraged my experimentation.

i adore every minute i get to spend with my marmee. she and i talk through our random ideas and debate deep life issues and theology most times we meet - it's amazing to be able to have such a strong bond with her, and i am so grateful for that.

so, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Friday, 1 March 2013

pesto socca & tomato pizza and baby rose

hello lovely readers :)

how quickly is the year going by? it's already march, how crazy is that?! i hope you are all well, and enjoying the year fully. i've been settling into married life down on the coast, and adjusting to working from home a few days a week again, as well as enjoying the benefits of city living.

since it's been a while since i did one of my regular type daily food posts, i thought i'd share with you a typical day of eats at the moment, and update you a little on my daily diet and life as it stands at the moment...
delicious breakfasts - porridge with blueberries, flaxseed and a little organic biolive yogurt, as well as coconut milk (i'm addicted to kara organic), along with a cup of rooibos earl grey (a revelation)

breakfast is still a huge thing for me (well i did write a book about it!). though most days i tend to eat porridge with coconut milk, covered in flaxseed, more coconut milk and some sort of sugar free jam (i love the St Dalfour strawberry jam), i still like to experiment in the kitchen.
thankfully Pete is a huge breakfast fan, and is also very supportive of my crazy cooking habits - he'll eat everything, which is such a huge blessing for me! i'm looking to do a new edition of the breakfast book, with even more tasty recipes... so i'm compiling a new repertoire. though i still love a good brown rice congee, or banana custard.
varied lunches are ideal. yesterday i had houmous and avocado on a rice cake, some tuna mayo, salad greens and a pepper egg white omelette. rather scrumptious and simple to prepare on work from home days.

lunches are fun - i usually get tasty leftovers on days i go into the office, and then the chance to experiment when i'm at home. i'm getting more creative again, and finding time to try new things - which you'll see on the blog soon i hope!
i will be resuming my lunchbox posts too - did you know that even though i haven't had time to post lots, i've still taken a photo of my lunch every single day? there's quite a backlog of images to share with you.

beautiful flowers are always in the house. i always wanted to make sure there was something from nature within our home, it makes it feel warm. not sure if decapitated roses are quite the thing for warmth, but the colours are pretty, and the petals will be a lovely keepsake.

as i've already said, Pete is happy to try anything. and one of his favourite things is chickpea pizza - we even have this when people come round for dinner. i premake the bases and then we let guests put their own toppings on. it also makes a quick lunch/dinner, which is relatively cheap, and healthy. this one was made with pesto, a little goats cheese and fresh tomato, yum.
my brother and his wife have had another gorgeous little baby girl, named Rose Grace, who is so completely gorgeous. baby Juliet Ulla is now walking and talking - though not in a language we would understand yet, she knows the name of her auntie and uncle though and we have conversations on the phone...cute.

life is good. great actually. i don't think people say that enough.

i hope you have a truly lovely weekend and a great start to the month! stay tuned for lunchbox week #5...

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