Friday, 15 June 2012

broad bean omelette and homemade mezze

so, it's friday! i'm so looking forward to the weekend - going to see Blink182 in Birmingham with my incredible man, and then visiting my lovely dad for father's day. it should be epic.

it's been a long time since i was in Gozo, but i realised i hadn't shared any of the photos with you... and i figured you might appreciate seeing what the cute little island off Malta has to offer...

firstly, let me show you the most amazing and comfortable summer sandals i will ever own. i wore my saltwaters every day in Gozo.

the island is full of veg growing, and much of it's own produce is kept within the little island and sold to local stores or sold at markets. broad beans were in season when we arrived (all that good sunshine!) and courgettes were already available too. so what better thing to do than make a very tasty omelette for dinner?

i love visiting markets and food stores when i go on holiday. it's amazing to smell, taste and cook with local produce - and you really get a sense of the culture through what they grow and sell. that's why we almost always have a little self catering unit when we go abroad... i can't help but cook!

sometimes when you're on holiday you've just got to have a little icecream. and if you're going to have just one the whole holiday, then choose wisely. i went with extra black chocolate ice cream (minus the wafer). so good. a perfect holiday moment.

our villa had a beautiful pool, albeit a little cold in the spring, and i enjoyed a mezze platter of fresh chopped veggies with the most delicious hummus (they're all about the chunky hummus, which i adore) and cured parma ham. scrumdidlyumptious.

and also, when you're on holiday, you should always try something a little weird. step in marinated tiger prawns and giant squid. they pretty much just tasted like garlic. but that's ok, because i rather like garlic.

it's also important to indulge in a little local custom. coffee and cake in the church square is very traditional,  and given my new-found love of cappucino, i partook in this morning ritual on several occasions :)

so there's a few more to come in the next post, with fresh local Gozo cheese, delicious oranges, and maybe even another photo of my saltwater sandals (the most photogenic shoe in the world)!

anyways, how are you all? i hope you are getting more sun than us here in the south of england - wettest June for years i imagine.

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  1. This looks wonderful! I could really use a holiday too a the moment (: The omelette looks so yummy, love everything with eggs in it!

  2. I love the idea of cooking on holiday - next time I go away I'll be going self catering so I can indulge!

  3. Oh wow, this looks amazing! You have me dreaming of far away destinations now.


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