Sunday, 10 June 2012

breakfast coleslaw and fresh raspberries

hi lovely people! how are you?

i have just got back from a trip to Guernsey - where i spent the Jubilee weekend with my mum, eating lots of French bistro food (highly garlicky - yum!) and searching through the island's charity shops for bargains (of which i got many).

for my first trip to the channel islands, i was pleasantly surprised by how quaint and untouched it was. i somehow expected something rather grand, overbuilt and pretentious, but it's not, despite the high price of the houses and the cost of living. it's well worth a visit if you want a good walking, hiking or biking holiday, as the coastal paths are tremendously beautiful.

so onto my recent eats and treats:

breakfast coleslaw - this is basically grated carrot and apple with sliced mandarin, raisins, cinnamon and yogurt. so so good, and lasts ages in the fridge. that's blatantly going in healthy breakfast recipes take #2.

especially good with a cup of hot rooibos.

prawn mayo salad on rye bread at Ikea, followed by a cup of peppermint tea. not too shabby at all.

the beautiful moody sky near the hospital where i went for my regular check-up. there was a very beautiful gypsy pony in the field too - bad weather can be rather stunning, don't you think?

puy lentil hot salad stir fry with tahini lemon dressing. highly rated, and so tasty! basically get anything from your fridge, chop it small and stir fry in coconut oil and a little cumin or mixed herbs. cook up some puy lentils, and then add them to the mix.

fresh raspberries = heaven. and a very good way to end any day.

how did you spend your Jubilee weekend? have you ever made sweet coleslaw?

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  1. Youre recipes and meals always look so delicious. Ive also been watching a couple of youre videos on youtube. I dont suffer from the same health problems as you, but find your outlook on health (life) and nutrition inspiring - I'll definitely be replicating this at some point! Im glad you had a good Jubilee!

  2. I love the idea of your breakfast coleslaw. It sounds delicious!

  3. Definitely be trying that sweet coleslaw breakfast!! Yum x

  4. Breakfast coleslaw sounds so unique! I can't wait to try making my own.

  5. The coleslaw looks great! Just out of interest, what type of yoghurt do you use?
    Those raspberries look so good. Where I live in South Australia raspberries never go under $8, so I have to stick to the frozen ones, but they don't compare to fresh!


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