Sunday, 20 May 2012

lunchbox week #04

happy weekend everyone - hope yours is going very wonderfully indeed :)

i've had a lovely time catching up with friends over brunch, pottering in the garden and relaxing with my mum. it's been super chilled, and i am now fully energised for the week ahead.

thanks for all your compliments on my lunchbox series so far - it's so good to share my food with you all, and it means that i don't settle for a second-rate sandwich lunch. so, here are my latest eats:

mushroom and tomato salad on homegrown greens, with broad beans and a plum. and a prawn cocktail from Tesco (really not tasty at all - note to self: always make your own).

cucumber and peppers with fancy houmous (again from Tesco's, as it's literally just round the corner from work), and half an avocado.

baby plum tomatoes, half a red pepper, half an avocado, one mandarin and a carton of coconut water. decadent, but delicious. i've now got into the habit of buying the big ones to keep in the fridge for drinking each morning.

another Tesco lunch - a red pepper, baby corn and sugarsnap peas, houmous (i only ate one of the trio pack), and a hot sausage from the deli counter. just to show you that you can eat healthy, creative and tasty food from a superstore at lunchtime - it doesn't have to be just sandwiches.

so, that was rather an unprepared week - rather busy and full, and the lunches ended up being a bit slapdash. oh well, they were tasty!

what are your latest eats? and do you ever get lured in by the hot deli counter in superstores?

currently listening to: the sound of the washing machine and the birds tweeting in the garden. i must go out and start sowing some salad seeds - i bought some asolo salad mix and some french sorrel from work, and i can't wait to eat them in a few weeks!


  1. washing machine!! you've just reminded me - mine should be done, it almost stayed in there all night oops!

    What i was going to say was have you seen the new mini trio of dips by tesco - top one was smokey butterbean, then frijemole (or however its spelt) and also edamame bean dip. can really recommend the top 2, have tried the 3rd yet.

  2. These all look so healthy, colourful and delicious, but I think I'd get super hungry if that's all I ate for lunch! How do you manage to stay full?

  3. I finally refound your blog! :-) I don't even know how I lost you when I left Oats and Jam! :-) Anyway, I love how colourful your lunches are ... but yes, I agree with the previous comment, I'd get so hungry if that was my lunch! Add in a bagel and I'd be set! ;-) I've been eating a lot of bagels of late although I think with this change in weather, I might opt for wraps or something for lunch!

    Hope you have a great week! :-)

  4. You always have the best lunch boxes packed!

  5. wow, great ideas for lunch! definitely going to try some of those out (: I have just started up my own healthy food blog, maybe you would take a look? Thanks!


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