Sunday, 20 May 2012

lunchbox week #04

happy weekend everyone - hope yours is going very wonderfully indeed :)

i've had a lovely time catching up with friends over brunch, pottering in the garden and relaxing with my mum. it's been super chilled, and i am now fully energised for the week ahead.

thanks for all your compliments on my lunchbox series so far - it's so good to share my food with you all, and it means that i don't settle for a second-rate sandwich lunch. so, here are my latest eats:

mushroom and tomato salad on homegrown greens, with broad beans and a plum. and a prawn cocktail from Tesco (really not tasty at all - note to self: always make your own).

cucumber and peppers with fancy houmous (again from Tesco's, as it's literally just round the corner from work), and half an avocado.

baby plum tomatoes, half a red pepper, half an avocado, one mandarin and a carton of coconut water. decadent, but delicious. i've now got into the habit of buying the big ones to keep in the fridge for drinking each morning.

another Tesco lunch - a red pepper, baby corn and sugarsnap peas, houmous (i only ate one of the trio pack), and a hot sausage from the deli counter. just to show you that you can eat healthy, creative and tasty food from a superstore at lunchtime - it doesn't have to be just sandwiches.

so, that was rather an unprepared week - rather busy and full, and the lunches ended up being a bit slapdash. oh well, they were tasty!

what are your latest eats? and do you ever get lured in by the hot deli counter in superstores?

currently listening to: the sound of the washing machine and the birds tweeting in the garden. i must go out and start sowing some salad seeds - i bought some asolo salad mix and some french sorrel from work, and i can't wait to eat them in a few weeks!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

strawberry quinoa porridge and tahini brussel sprouts

hi everyone! i truly hope you are all well and happy.

life is ridiculously hectic, but in a very good way indeed. i'm really busy with my new job at sarah raven, which i adore. in fact, right now, i'm sat writing this post in Sussex, as I visit Sarah's farm at Perch Hill - the most beautiful vegetable and flower cutting garden i've ever seen, and the tastiest lunch (oh my word, wild garlic pesto, rhubarb tart with stem ginger cream, viola and mizuna salad, tomato and ricotta cannelloni!).

so, life has been treating me rather well, despite the miserable English weather we have been experiencing. my wonderful man and i went to the isle of wight on saturday for the day. we visited the garlic farm to taste chutney and have a ride on a tractor, and the beach hut for a scrumptious crab ramekin with a spectacular beach view (both are definitely worth a visit if you're ever on the island).

so, onto my latest eats and treats:

strawberry quinoa porridge - a great breakfast with a huge dollop of greek yoghurt. i popped some frozen strawberries in with some cooked quinoa and a sprinkle of cinnamon. so good.

even better with a hot cup of green tea.

for lunch i ate a very filling scramble with becon, peppers, dill and an olive salad.

for dinner, a large plate full of brussel sprouts, onion, spinach, mushrooms and tofu, stir fried in a little coconut oil and topped with a tahini, lemon & honey dressing. OMW (oh my word).

this was seriously good.

a very beautiful view of a steam train going past whilst i was walking Bruno one sunny evening... it even sounded it's horn! magical.

and now, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, my latest YT video... here's where i share my favourite things of April with you, including showing off my fave foods :) of course tahini is involved.

so, what's new? what are your favourite treats of the season? 

currently listening to: classic fm - whilst sat in the b&b after a busy day of filming... i am so blessed to have a job i love!