Thursday, 19 April 2012

lunchbox week #03

hello everyone - i hope you are well. i am back from Gozo... i had a really lovely and relaxing time with my family, and enjoyed the sunshine and delicious fresh vegetables.

before i share my delicious holiday photos with you all, i wanted to give you the latest lunchboxes that i've been enjoying at work:

beetroot, ham and a shredded carrot salad with coriander, tomato, celery and cucumber. 

beetroot, homemade houmous (i love my tiny food processor!) and a bacon cucumber salad with basil, radish and tomato.

beetroot, sliced peppers and a grated radish, cucumber, basil and tomato salad - so fresh!

meatballs, pepper slices and a gherkin, chive, tomato and cucumber salad.

leftover chicken and a plum, with sliced cucumber, peppers and celery. very good.

amazing - this was a very good eating week at work! i'm really loving my job at sarah raven - so much fun and i love learning about the systems.

currently listening to: follow you follow me by genesis - a classic that my dad introduced me to.


  1. Looks delicious!

  2. looks delicious! I am on the hunt for a good, cheap food processor. which one are you using? can you recommend it?

  3. They look so yummy I need me one of those lunch boxes!


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