Wednesday, 28 March 2012

cinnamon sweet potato and paprika mustard swede

hi everyone! this is just a quick photo post to let you all in on my latest eats, before i head off for holiday to Gozo (yes, i know i just started a full time job, and now i'm off on holiday, it is a little weird, granted)...

cinnamon sweet potato mash with hemp milk, sesame seeds, raisins and agave nectar - this is one of the best and simplest breakfasts i've had in a long time...

hemp milk (good hemp in particular) - this is my favorite alternative to regular cows milk at the moment. really tasty, really sweet and really creamy. i think i've also got my friend Philippa hooked on it too.

gorgeous alstromeiria - perfect for sunny days. given to me by a wonderful man :)

sliced avocado with a quick kale, tomato and cabbage salad, and a cup of rooibos

swede with paprika and swedish mustard, and a red onion, kale & lentil hash - very good and very quick.

thanks to jenn at peas and crayons for hosting once more!

currently watching: hairy bikers bakeation - the norway episode was awesome!

Monday, 26 March 2012

lunchbox week #02

here is the second in my new lunchbox series, where i get to share with you the delightful tasty food that i take to work with me every day during my working week. it takes me half an hour each night to prepare usually, but that just means i have to take it out the fridge in the morning before i go to work, and no prep is required in the mornings.

so, what have i been eating this last week?

shredded carrot, mozzarella, chicken and dill salad with garlic green beans and sauerkraut

kale, mandarin, celery, raw courgette and cucumber salad with lemon tahini dressing, and a side of radish, beetroot and sliced tomato

massaged kale salad with sliced beetroot, raw pate and a fresh mandarin

massaged kale with fresh peas, tomato, radish, celery and coriander, with sauerkraut, ham and a fresh plum

raw courgette, tomato, gherkin and kale salad with pesto tahini peppers and a mandarin

it was a very good end to the week! pesto tahini peppers are a definite new favorite thing for me to eat... i can totally see me eating these a lot in my lunchboxes :)

i'm loving adding fresh herbs to all of these things this week - it's been rather yummy, and a nice twist on the classic olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing i do.

currently listening to: rocking chair by betty padgett - old school.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

whipped berry porridge and tofu scramble

hey everyone! thanks for your kind comments on my lunchboxes last week... it's so much fun coming up with healthy things to put in my lunchbox - i can't wait to share this week's with you already :)

but, for now, i want to give you my eats from the weekend:

whipped berry rye porridge with banana and hemp milk - courtesy of scandi foodie. it's such a tasty recipe, and pretty swift too... mmm hmm.

the texture is very light and fluffy, and it tastes so scrummy with blackberries.

for lunch, i had ful medames, with a poached egg on top. this is basically mashed butter beans with spinach and red onion and a bunch of spices - a classic Egyptian dish.

aren't these pretty? i picked these up on a recent trip to visit my sister in law and cute niece Juliet... (more photos of my trip to come!)

tofu scramble with bacon, mushrooms and brussels sprouts, topped with tamari and with a side of sweet swedish red cabbage - so delicious!

i kind of find it ironic that tofu tastes so good with bacon... and lots of cracked black pepper of course.

i'm loving making sure i put greens into every meal (even breakfast these days - i'm totally rocking the savoury breakfasts at the moment)... it's so delicious and very nutritious and good for my health. thanks to the lovely jenn at peas and crayons!

currently listening to: on broadway by the drifters - i heard this at my boyfriend's local, called santo lounge - it's a very cool vintage inspired place, and the soundtrack matches it perfectly. i have some very good memories in that place...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

lunchbox week #01

hi everyone! i hope you are all well and happy :)

today i want to share with you quickly the tasty lunchboxes i have been putting together for work last week...

fried aubergine in coconut oil and herbs, on a bed of salad green, cucumber and tomato. with a very yummy side of hummus with toasted pumpkin seeds and a mandarin.

pesto, tomato, butterbeans and butternut squash with sunflower seeds, sliced cucumber, coleslaw and a mandarin.

butternut squash, cucumber, avocado, celery salad with lemon tahini dressing (yum!), a side of coleslaw with sultanas and a plum.

sesame tahini salad with cucumber, tomato and celery, broccoli on the side with coleslaw, sultanas and a mandarin.

broccoli, with avocado, mozzarella and butterbean salad, some sliced mushrooms and balsamic tomato.

currently listening to: radio 1 on my way to work - the interviews have been really awesome this week :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

pesto tomato omelette and a heathcliffe brownie

hello everyone! i am now officially a full time working girl - and i'm loving it :)

on monday, my first 9-5 day, i learnt the ropes of my new company, and since then it's been non-stop learning the new systems. i really look forward to going back in every single day, and even though it's a forty minute commute by car both ways, it's totally worth it. i feel very blessed.

i've taken my lunches in every single day, in my new easy lunchboxes (thanks to Jana on my facebook for that one!) - which is so much fun, and i'm loving finding creative healthy things to put in them... i'm sure i'll come up with some awesome combos. i've taken photos each day with my iphone, so keep your eyes peeled for a weekly download of my lunchtime food!

anyways, enough gushing about my job (ps. did i also tell you i get my own desk, a telephone headset, skype screenshare and photoshop to play with?! awesome!)... now onto tasty food i used to eat whilst i was self-employed:

egg white pesto tomato omelette - so legendary i ate it two consecutive days until i ran out of pesto.

this is such a simple recipe, but one that i absolutely adore, and it's perfect for using up the whites after making homemade dairy free custard :)

egg white pesto tomato omelette recipe

1tsp coconut oil
2 egg whites
1 tomato, sliced
1tsp pesto
cracked black pepper
a sprinkle of dried dill
a slice of sourdough rye bread
a little mayo

1. melt the coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan, and then when it reaches a medium heat, place in the tomato slices evenly.
2. flip the tomato over after a couple of minutes.
3. whisk the egg whites in a jug or mug, until frothy.
4. after a couple of minutes, pour the egg whites over the frying tomatoes. after 30 seconds or so, spoon the pesto over the top, and sprinkle over the pepper and dill.
5. turn to a lower temperature and cook for a further few minutes until cooked through. flip and cook on the reverse, if required.
6. toast the rye bread slightly, and spread with the mayo. then cover with the omelette and enjoy with a cup of hot green tea.

brown rice and butternut squash, with carrots, cabbage and chicken with soy sauce and spring onions. an epic lunchtime. and is it just me or does eating with chopsticks make everything taste better?

a honeybuns heathcliffe brownie - everyone i know professes that these are the ultimate brownie - and they just so happen to be gluten free too... happy days!

aubergine broccoli stir fry with a corn tortilla. there's something so beautiful about this sort of meal - simple, honest, rustic, and very very delicious.

so, how have you all been? it's going to take a while for me to get fully into routine with this job, and make sure i fit blogging in too - it's one of my favorite things to do, and i love that you all encourage me to be creative. any ideas on delicious lunchbox recipes, or resources?

currently listening to: alone again by alyssa reid

ps. can't believe how many of my healthy breakfast recipes books have sold this month on amazon already - thanks lovely people for buying a copy!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

baked vanilla barley and a sunny stroll by the sea

happy weekend everyone! i hope you are anticipating a great couple of days ahead...

this week has flown past in a glorious whirl of fun and laughter with my sister in law and little niece, Juliet. i went down to Devon to spend a couple of days with them - relaxing together, chatting about life and eating some really good food too.

i've been spending my days recently taking full advantage of being able to do things in the middle of the day - like meeting up with friends for a cup of tea, having people for lunch or going up to the allotment in the morning. it's divine. and i am enjoying every last second.

i am also very excited about my new job... and though i've still not yet decided on a lunchbox, i do eagerly await my very first day! i've been concocting delicious lunch treats and combos to take with me each day, and i can't wait to share them with you :)

anyways, onto my latest eats and treats:

baked barley porridge with almond milk - maria's recipe has become a household staple.

everyone seems to love it loads... especially Jonny, and particularly with some sliced banana alongside it.

mushroom scramble with cheese on rye crispbread, tomato and sliced cucumber. totally scandinavian, and totally delicious.

meatball pizza on a chickpea crust - anything on a chickpea pizza base tastes awesome. so easy to do, and so much better for you. happy days.

i forgot to share with you all my burns night dinner back in february - i discovered it on my iphone and thought i ought to share... haggis, 'neeps' (turnips/swede), potato, and buttered leeks. my scottish friend sarah did us proud - it was delectable.

the beautiful sun last weekend made me want to walk everywhere! it was gorgeous, and so me and Pete had a stroll by the boats after church.

i truly hope you are all well and smiling and happy. and that you have a fantastic weekend, whatever you may be doing.

currently watching: dara dubinet on youtube - she's got a lot of interesting nutrition ideas, and is such a great role model for living a healthier lifestyle. if you need a little encouragement, then totally check out her channel.