Wednesday, 8 February 2012

butternut kale stew and butter bean cookie bars

good morning lovely people! today is another freezing cold day here in the south of england, it went down to -6 last night, which is particularly chilly for where i live.

however, a hat, a pair of gloves and a fat handknit scarf will suffice to keep the cool breeze from making me perish - and -6 is nothing really in comparison to the -20 my brother is experiencing in scandinavia, or the -18 my boyfriend is enjoying in the french alps.

today is another WIAW post for you - chock full of my latest eats and treats:

mango barley yogurt, otherwise known as 'seventeen' - this is cooked pearl barley, mixed with yogurt, honey, cinnamon and diced fresh mango, then topped with ground flaxseeds. oh my word. this was seriously the most ingenius breakfast i've had in a long time.

butternut and lentil stew with kale + celery, and boiled eggs on the side. a very yummy and nutritious meal i reckon. we've had a variation of butternut celery stew every week since last november!

i love my veggies. but i love feeding veggies to other people even more! when my friends came over for dinner, i knew i wanted to give them something super delicious and nutritious - so i whipped up a veggie hash and mash. three root mash with sweet potato, celeriac and carrot and then a sausage stir fry with red onion, broccoli, celery and sweetcorn. all polished off with a little swedish gravy.

and they all finished their plates, save for 3 little bits of celery... clean plates and smiling faces make me happy! (ps. note that i'm wearing my £1 jumper)

butter bean cookie bars, courtesy of Bea from Forever After. not bad at all.

in fact, so not bad at all, that they were gone within 30 minutes. i think that's a Carter house record. or maybe it was just a small batch?!

i hope you are all well, and enjoying the winter months and the first snowdrops. i've got a busy week ahead, but i'm really excited about it - i will tell all soon...

thanks to peas and crayons for this special veggie month of WIAW!

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  1. wow, the stew looks great and such a great idea to pair it with hard boiled eggs!
    i love cooking for my friends too and ALWAYS stuff them with lots of healthy dishes and veggies!

  2. All of the foods look really yummy

  3. Barley for breakfast sounds good!

  4. Your stew looks delicious, and I'm definitely going to have to give those cookies a try! I recently made a chocolate cake with black beans and now I'm really curious about other bean based baked goods.

  5. Your breakfast sounds like an awesome combo! I have tried brown rice and yogurt, but never barley and yogurt. It sounds great, I can't wait to try it one morning!

  6. The kale stew looks sensational! I wish I had friends that cooked like this. If I want something healthy, I always have to do the cooking! Thankfully I enjoy it. There's something about providing nutritious meals for other people that makes me feel so good! <3

  7. That dinner party of yours looks really good. Are the recipes somewhere? Because that sausage business might need to happen in my house soon.

  8. Hi Alissa... Bea from Forever After Blog here. So glad you tried the cookie bars made from beans, and that you enjoyed them so much. I also wanted to thank you very much for linking over to my blog for the recipe, the crediting of the recipe is much appreciated! Great blog!! :)


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