Friday, 20 January 2012

sweet pepper omelette and buckwheat creme

it's almost the weekend, and i'm sure you're all excited about a little time off...

the weather here in Wiltshire has taken a turn for the worse - it's been grey and cloudy, and generally just not very nice. thankfully i did have enough light to film a tutorial of brown rice congee for you all on my notjustapples youtube channel, so check that out if you're wondering exactly how to make it.

i'm off to Shepton Mallet to visit my auntie and uncle, and i'm looking forward to some quality time and delicious food (my auntie makes the best risotto). we might even get a little local market shopping in, and maybe lunch out at Wells Cathedral. i hope you all have good plans in mind for the next couple of days too!

now onto my latest eats and treats:

sweet peppers fried in a little butter, then covered with a souffled omelette. i didn't have the right sort of pan for this (we are in dire need of a new non-stick frying pan) so it didn't come out in one piece, but it was darn delicious...

creme of buckwheat - oh my, scrumdidlyumptious. this was my buckwheat porridge recipe blitzed up with a hand blender. instead of following the instructions for proper creme, which would have been silky smooth, it had a delicious texture, which my little brother deemed the best 'faux porridge' he'd ever had.

salmon fishcakes, cous cous and salad - thanks to my gorgeous friend Zoe, who invited me round for some lunch. 

the farmer's have ploughed, and re-instated a footpath across their field in a different direction. they laid the way with lots of golden straw, and i couldn't help singing 'follow the yellow brick road' along it's winding way.

i love being able to try out new things for you guys - it does make life so much more interesting and exciting!

are you a silky smooth or a crunchy person? are you up to fun things this weekend? have you ever souffled your omelette?

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  1. The souffled omelette sounds delicious! We're promoting the healthy side to omelettes and would love you to link to this post. Hope you get that new non-stick pan soon! Thanks!

  2. Ooh, that cream of buckwheat looks so silky amooth, even the name sounds delicious! My omelettes rarely come out looking good either but it's all about the taste... hope you had a great weekend away :-)


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