Friday, 13 January 2012

fried green tomatoes and gram apple cake

i love simple food. and i'm really enjoying eating smaller portions of lighter, cleaner ingredients now that it's no longer party season. my stomach has breathed a huge sigh of relief and is able to function normally again - save this Wednesday when i massively overdid it in celebration of my breakfast book being featured in a local magazine!

so, lately we've been eating a lot of soup, and a lot of mild vegetable curries. they're quick, cheap, clean and tasty - and perfect for winter evenings when you want something warm and satisfying. you can also pretty much make them out of whatever you have in your fridge... which is perfect!

here are a few of the delicious things i've been treating myself to lately:

fried green tomatoes with homemade spelt rolls, baked squash, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise.

chili tomato lentil soup - this was so so so spicy. i had to have copious amounts of yoghurt in it to soothe the fire on my tongue. note to self: half a dried chili is enough.

after the festive season, i've been drinking so much peppermint tea to get my tummy back into shape, and help it out a little - it really did have to work overtime this Christmas.

an adaptation of maria's quince, pear and apple cake, using gram flour and ground almonds instead of wheat flour - turned out pretty well, and was demolished within 24 hours.

this weekend, i am heading up to see my dad in Essex with my boyfriend Pete. it should be a really great time, and i am taking lunch and dessert along with us to treat him and his wife - still not sure what i'm making, but it'll be gloriously gluten free and very scrumptious!

what fun things are you up to this weekend? are you still going through a post-Christmas detox?

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  1. I know what you mean about getting back to simpler foods. I've been on a much more intense detox than I'd anticipated due to having my wisdom teeth removed but I think its done me good!


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