Wednesday, 25 January 2012

butter bean vanilla cake and sweet potato gnocchi

heya everyone, it's time for another wiaw post, courtesy of jenn over at peas and crayons :)

it's been a pretty D-licious foodie day really:

more brown rice congee (i think i may have developed a slight addiction?), topped with raspberries and ground flaxseeds. um yum.

mum and i went out for the day to do the £1 challenge (where you each have only £1 and you have to compete to find the best buy in charity stores or health food shops - great game!). my purchase was this smoked mackerel pate from an awesome deli, which we had as a little car picnic in the forest on the way home.

sweet potato buckwheat gnocchi is such fun to make! i sort of followed this recipe from kath eats, but i added buckwheat instead, and added only just enough to make it come to a dough instead of measuring it. anyways, it was delicious, and very filling.

we had it with butter beans, fresh tomato, black pepper and spring onions, thend drizzled with good extra virgin olive oil. fantastic!

butter bean vanilla cake - literally made with a tin of beans. this is the white sponge version of my favorite black bean chocolate cake. thanks to the spunky coconut for the inspiration!

i'll be making another one for my niece's birthday next week, and i'll have my version of the recipe to share with you all. it'll be a classic whipped cream and berry topping, instead of the coconut butter and honey icing i made for this one...

the only problem with cakes made with beans, is that i think they're so totally healthy that i can't stop eating them!

my boyfriend had his first taste of one of my famous bean cakes last weekend (a carrot cake version of this), and he was really impressed... 'it's basically a healthy, protein-packed, tasty version of a regular sponge, isn't it?' - yes, yes indeed. great food for people that frequent the gym... anyone who wants to eat low carb, low GI, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free. basically, this cake is awesome!

so, i hope you enjoyed that incredibly random day of food! and maybe it might inspire you to try putting a tin of beans in your next cake :)

have you made a cake with beans yet? do you enjoy car picnics?

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  1. I've never made a bean cake before but looking at how well yours turned out I think I want to give it a go! Yummy!

  2. That gnocchi looks so good! I didn't even know you could make pasta with buckwheat flour.

    And I've never made a dessert with beans before, but I keep on meaning to. I've always wanted to try black bean brownies!

  3. that gnocchi looks so good!
    I have never had cake with beans, it sounds interesting.

  4. All your eats look SO great! :)

    I've never made a cake with beans yet.. I need to soon! :)

  5. That cake looks amazing! I must try a bean cake soon, CCK's deep dish cookie pie looks pretty good!

  6. That's my kind of food day! :-)

    Do you have a recipe for the gnocci? Buckwheat is one of my favourite grains, I'd love to try them! @breadmilkblog

  7. I've never used beans in baking, but I have to say I am curious! It would definitely be fun to experiment.

    And holy mackerel pate! You are speaking my language right there.

  8. I love your cutting board - totally awesome! :)

  9. All this food is so mouthwatering. That challenge is such a great idea; I'm going to be trying that soon! I must try a bean cake, too; it just sounds so ridiculous, yet at the same time so delicious. I have a natural fetish for beans. And, gosh, who doesn't love cake. Currently listening to....the fan above my head? Sorry. Bon Iver this week. He's a babe.

  10. Beans are the best - your food looks amazing girlie!

  11. The sweet potato gnocchi sounds delicious! I am so impressed that you make your own!

  12. Delicious indeed, I have been wanting to try sweet potato gnocchi for so long!


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