Wednesday, 30 November 2011

leftover oatmeal pancakes and favorite books

i hope you're having a great day!

today i simply want to share with you my latest eats, and some links to delicious ideas and recipes:

leftover oatmeal pancakes. what else do you make when you've got leftover oatmeal? instead of following a recipe, i just mixed the leftover oatmeal with a little baking powder, cinnamon and an egg, whisked with a fork, and voila!

tuna melt with crispy kale. a simple, cheap and satisfying lunch - my favorite that takes longer to prepare than it does to actually eat it.

 ♥ new potato, cavolo nero kale and tomato tarragon stir fry. a very delicious dinner, whipped up after the realisation that new potatoes were in fact low GI (how did i not know this?) and also because it's so rustically simple and satisfying to cook things with a little creme fraiche, stock and herbs.

homemade mince pies. with buckwheat shortcrust pastry and cherry almond mincemeat filling. oh my word, the recipe is coming soon for this one...

on a walk with dog - there was much fun to be had kicking up all those leaves :)

 thanks to peas and crayons for another epic WIAW!

and lastly, i was recently asked for some book recommendations, so i thought i'd share with you this video that i created for my Youtube channel, telling you my fave health and recipe books:

of course, had i taken this video now i would also have to include my very own breakfast cookbook, just because of the acheivement it represents and the amount of times i open it in the week.

what are your favourite cookbooks and health books?

currently listening to: paradise by coldplay - i know you've probably all heard it a million times, but after being thoroughly unconvinced to begin with, i now really love it :)

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  1. Comments previously added via IntenseDebate:

    Michelle Hunt: I can't wait for the mincepie recipe! Never made a buckwheat pastry before, usually opt for spelt.

    keephealthstyle: Looking forward to the mince meat recipe - the sound of mince meat, cherries and almonds together sounds awesome! I have to give that one a go in porridge form!

    Rachel: Very creative with the oats into a cake form and i LOVE LOVE LOVE krispy kale.

    Good day of eats.

    As for my favorite cook books...I really enjoy Eat to Live (Dr. Joel Furhman), health and cookbook combined.

    Jessica: Looks like a day of good eats!

    Jenn p&c: any "health"y book by Michael Pollan makes me one happy geek =) I just love him. his viewpoint and writing style... love love!

    Hope you had a fab WIAW!!!!!

    Ruth: Wow, I'd really like to see a recipe for buckwheat pastry. Those pies look amazing!

    cass@ foodmyfriend: I really need to start my Christmas cooking soon. You have given me a nudge towards mince pies. Thank you!


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