Wednesday, 28 September 2011

say hello to the love vitamin!

during my time in Australia, i was fortunate to get to meet up with the lovely Tracy, otherwise known as The Love Vitamin. it just so happened, by pure coincidence, that she and I were living about 10 minutes away from each other - which is exceptionally odd, given that we've both been watching each other's YT channels for ages now.

it was super surreal to meet her, and to realise how petite a woman she is - such a surprise! we were like little and large! haha.

she'll be in Oz for another few months, and i was gutted that i couldn't stay out in australia a bit longer, so we could've hung out more - she's a very lovely and interesting person, and we talked for ages about skin, food, health and life in general. it was awesome. anyway, here's a little intro to her if you've never heard of her before, or you want to see what she's up to...