Thursday, 8 September 2011

a day out in mosman with scandi foodie

g'day everyone! the sun decided not to shine this morning, most unusual, instead it tipped it down with rain... perhaps it's getting me ready for going back to England? no matter, i got on with some very serious work, before i head out this afternoon for coffee with a friend in the local organic cafe.

last friday i had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Maria of Scandi Foodie - if you haven't checked out her blog, then do make sure to have a look, it's full of beautiful and delicious Scandinavian inspired recipes and baked goodies :)

i've been following her blog for ages, and pretty much as soon as i knew i'd be visiting Sydney, i got in touch and we arranged to meet up in Mosman. i had a really fantastic afternoon - we talked about the amazingness of fresh yeast, my new book (which she loves, yey!) and the importance of enjoying your life to the full! she's such an encouraging woman, and so interesting too :)

here's a few photos of our day together:

we walked along the beachfront... very picturesque.

i went into David Jones to check out the spring floral display - it was incredibly beautiful, and i'm so glad i got to see it  :)

♥ i came into Mosman on the ferry, before catching bus 230 up to Spit Junction for out meeting - the area is outstanding, with gorgeous houses and lots of boats. in some way it feels very european. 

we stopped off at a cafe for coffee and a little lunch, there were so many places to choose from, i'm glad i was with a local who knew where was the best!

i got the mediteranean salad, which was no longer on the menu, but they were happy to do it on request, as Maria has so enjoyed it before. falafel, tahini, aubergine, sundried tomatoes and very crisp leaves. it was massive, and downright delicious!

on our way back from the beach, we stopped in at a few tasty places to check out the local produce - you can always find amazing food in cities. i picked up some date and walnut cake for my train home in The Cheese Shop, and then went to foodie heaven, aka Fourth Village Providore. it blew my mind - they have an incredible cheese room, and deli counter, and a little cafe/restaurant too, as well as loads of european goods. i was so tempted to buy everything, but restrained myself as best i could!

it was so wonderful to meet up with her, and i'm so glad we got the chance! i look forward to more blogger meetups in the future :)

currently loving: walden by henry david thoreau - i just can't get enough of his philosophy, it's mindblowing.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and it was such a pleasure to meet you too! It's a bummer you're going back to UK! :-( Spring is such an amazing time here in Australia - we are going to miss you! xx

  2. Yay to foodie meet ups! looks like a fab day x x

  3. Oh the weather is just lovely over here in the UK.. It's apparently going to be super rainy and 15C in London on Sunday. You probably can't wait to leave OZ with that appealing weather waiting for you.. hehehe.

    Blogger meet-ups are great! Hooray for like-minded people!


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