Friday, 16 September 2011

chorizo baked eggs and great cappucino

hey everyone! well, with only a few precious days down under, i'm trying to squeeze in as many experiences as i can, as well as getting out into the sunshine as much as possible - tomorrow i'm going to a gig in katoomba with a few friends, and then i'll be learning the art of excellent meringues on sunday with a lovely lady called Betty.

i've been treated out a few times since i've been here, and one particular occasion, that i've been waiting to share with you is the delicious Neram cafe experience - which was just so wonderful!

my great aunt and her daughter took me out to this pretty, wholefoods cafe in an art gallery in Armidale for breakfast - my favorite meal of the day. needless to say, i dressed up for the occasion - it's not everyday you get to eat really expensive food in the morning, is it? and it was so worth it.

spicy baked eggs with tomato, chorizo and onion, and a side of fresh toasted sourdough. so so good!

afterwards, i had my first proper coffee... now, i've never liked coffee. i always thought it was bitter and unpleasurable. but, in Armidale, everyone was into coffee in a big way - and i was so intrigued! i figured it was worth trying out, just in case it tasted different, and goodness gracious, it was good!

it turns out that all i've ever drunk is bad quality, burnt or off coffee. freshly ground coffee with perfect temperature frothy milk on top is amazing! granted i won't be drinking it all the time, given that it keeps me awake (this is a new and rather unpleasant discovery) but it's so nice to know that i actually do like it when it's good :)

me, my great aunt and her daughter - waiting patiently for our delicious brekkies. they both had a full fry-up with all the trimmings...

so, i hope you are all well and happy! i've still got so much to share with you guys - i guess that's what happens when you've got limited internet, and i apologise for the delay in posting these last few months. i've got so many exciting plans for things to do when i return to the uk, in terms of the blog, so stay tuned!

currently reading: the moon seems upside down edited by jim mitchell - it's a beautiful collection of love letters, written between two australians during the second world war. i love love stories.


  1. Wow, that is a GORGEOUS cup of coffee! I just realized that I really like how you include what you're reading or listening to at the end of your posts! Great idea! And good for me because I am always on the lookout for new book recommendations :-)

  2. The first time I had a real, good coffee was a taste revelation. I thought I hated it but I absolutely loved the real deal.
    I've never baked an egg before but yours looks delicious!

  3. That cup of coffee looks so divine, I could totally dive into that right now, yum!


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