Monday, 29 August 2011

hot milo and an apple orchard

so, i'm back in gosford now, and enjoying the sunshine once again - how nice it is to be at the start of spring, and having 23c days!!

i've still got a couple of photos from lovely Armidale to share with you...

i went out for dinner with a lovely couple called Sophie and Tim - who are really special people, and who fed me the most delicious meal! lasagne and mixed salad, followed by the most lovingly prepared fruit salad.

hot milo is very australian - it tastes like a malteser really, malty chocolate deliciousness. everyone told me that i had to do a TimTam Slam too, which is when you bite off the corners of a TimTam and suck the hot Milo through it til it goes all gooey in the centre. yummy! suffice to say this was a one-off experience (way TOO much refined sugar + flour), but i'm so glad to have tried it :)

i went to see an apple orchard about 15 minutes away from Armidale, and it was so amazing to see their giant fridge full of apples, all so shiny and appetizing. we got 3 types and grades of apples, in huge quantity...and it was so awesome to see the fields full of fruit trees.

i hope you're all well - and i look forward to catching up with you shortly again to share more of my Oz experience...

currently reading: innamincka - the story of nurses in outback australia. it's great learning a little more about life in the most rural parts of oz, so different from the comfort and ease that is found here on the coast.


  1. Those apples look tasty - perfect for apple pie & ice-cream :p

  2. I've had milo, as a kid!! Yum!

    Those apples look so good. Glad you're enjoying your travels, I'm so jealous!


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