Sunday, 21 August 2011

healthy living tips: fresh air

hey everyone! hope you are all ok. i'm doing really well here in Australia - loving every moment :)

i just thought i'd catch up on this blog, and let you all in on one of my latest videos, if you haven't already seen it - #7 in my healthy living tips series, all about fresh air.

read on after watching for more info...

so why is it important to get out in the fresh air, and how much of it should we be getting?
 - fresh air is one of the all time most secretive, yet obvious, beauty tips out there. my mother has always said that a good quantity of fresh air will ensure a great complexion and help you sleep better too.
 - it's important to make sure you go outside every day, and breath in the pure natural air (especially if you live in the countryside). even better if you can do your exercise out of doors - have you ever noticed how horseriders, skiers, gardeners and cyclists have awesome skin?
 - by spending more time outside, you'll be breathing in cleaner air with more oxygen and positively charged ions. this:
  • enables you to breath better

  • helps to refresh your cells

  • makes you happier and more positive (because you'll be in nature!)

  • helps regulate body temperature

  • increases your vitamin D level

  • strengthens your immune system

  • smooths out your circadian rhythm (aka sleep pattern) 

  • aids recovery from illness,

  • and helps you live longer too!

 - other key ways of breathing good air when indoors are: good ventilation, living indoor plants, no toxic room sprays or fresheners, keeping windows slightly ajar.