Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ridgey didge pies and cinnamon swirls

hey all! i've only got a couple more weeks left in Australia, boy how time does fly?! well, i've been trying to soak in as much Australian culture as i can...

a meat pie was a must-do up in New England. so i went into ridgey didge pies, and got myself a standard beef - it was good, really good. i hardly ever have pastry or steak, so it was a nice treat. i still think i prefer cornish pasties though...

sometimes as a brit/pommie/englishperson, it's essential to deliver truly english experiences to ozzies also - and broccoli stilton soup doesn't really exist over here in Australia, so i made it for my hosts (using this recipe)... of course they loved it, exclaiming 'how have i lived without this all my life?!' - it really is a good combo.

and then, because i've got a little swedish blood in me, and i hadn't had them in so long, i made some cinnamon rolls for my hosts too - which i've never known anyone to dislike (and my recipe is getting better and better! almost so good i might share it with you soon...)

anyway that's all for now, a little snippet of my life down under for you all.

currently reading: driving over lemons by chris stewart - it's one of those dreamy books that i love to read, because it really and truly is an escape! spanish sunshine, lots of deep fried potatoes and lemon trees - yes please...

ps. i'm so excited - tomorrow i'm going into Sydney, and i'll be meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers ever!! can't wait to show you all photos and tell you all about my lovely lunch :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

hot milo and an apple orchard

so, i'm back in gosford now, and enjoying the sunshine once again - how nice it is to be at the start of spring, and having 23c days!!

i've still got a couple of photos from lovely Armidale to share with you...

i went out for dinner with a lovely couple called Sophie and Tim - who are really special people, and who fed me the most delicious meal! lasagne and mixed salad, followed by the most lovingly prepared fruit salad.

hot milo is very australian - it tastes like a malteser really, malty chocolate deliciousness. everyone told me that i had to do a TimTam Slam too, which is when you bite off the corners of a TimTam and suck the hot Milo through it til it goes all gooey in the centre. yummy! suffice to say this was a one-off experience (way TOO much refined sugar + flour), but i'm so glad to have tried it :)

i went to see an apple orchard about 15 minutes away from Armidale, and it was so amazing to see their giant fridge full of apples, all so shiny and appetizing. we got 3 types and grades of apples, in huge quantity...and it was so awesome to see the fields full of fruit trees.

i hope you're all well - and i look forward to catching up with you shortly again to share more of my Oz experience...

currently reading: innamincka - the story of nurses in outback australia. it's great learning a little more about life in the most rural parts of oz, so different from the comfort and ease that is found here on the coast.

casual messy updo hairstyle tutorial

hey everyone! in case you haven't yet seen my most recent hairstyle tutorial video, here it is...

it's super simple to do, and will always look nice if you don't try to do it 'perfectly' - the essence of this look is in its decontructed, 'messy' look :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

the goldfish bowl and grilled halloumi

hello lovely readers! i hope all is well with you :)

today's post is all about a breakfast i was privileged to be taken out to in Armidale, with my dad's cousin Gillian, at the Goldfish Bowl, officially "the nicest restaurant in town".

it's unassuming nature is one of my favorite things about it - you can sit on a cushioned repurposed crate and have one of the best ever cups of coffee you'll ever drink... it's about the food and the atmosphere. it is the very essence of 'cool'.

the breakfast selection was goodlooking, and it was tricky to choose what to have. i went with grilled halloumi, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes - and it was a delight! the flavours were incredible and it was cooked to perfection. i managed to snap a slightly burry iPhone snap...

and Gillian had the ricotta pancakes, which looked insanely good, with fresh berries and maple syrup. wowee!

the Goldfish Bowl is known for it's high quality, local, seasonal produce, and it's impeccable standards and simplicity. i'm so happy to have been out to somewhere quite so delicious!

more from Armidale soon...

currently listening to: pictures by benjamin francis leftwich

healthy living tips: fresh air

hey everyone! hope you are all ok. i'm doing really well here in Australia - loving every moment :)

i just thought i'd catch up on this blog, and let you all in on one of my latest videos, if you haven't already seen it - #7 in my healthy living tips series, all about fresh air.

read on after watching for more info...

so why is it important to get out in the fresh air, and how much of it should we be getting?
 - fresh air is one of the all time most secretive, yet obvious, beauty tips out there. my mother has always said that a good quantity of fresh air will ensure a great complexion and help you sleep better too.
 - it's important to make sure you go outside every day, and breath in the pure natural air (especially if you live in the countryside). even better if you can do your exercise out of doors - have you ever noticed how horseriders, skiers, gardeners and cyclists have awesome skin?
 - by spending more time outside, you'll be breathing in cleaner air with more oxygen and positively charged ions. this:
  • enables you to breath better

  • helps to refresh your cells

  • makes you happier and more positive (because you'll be in nature!)

  • helps regulate body temperature

  • increases your vitamin D level

  • strengthens your immune system

  • smooths out your circadian rhythm (aka sleep pattern) 

  • aids recovery from illness,

  • and helps you live longer too!

 - other key ways of breathing good air when indoors are: good ventilation, living indoor plants, no toxic room sprays or fresheners, keeping windows slightly ajar.


Friday, 12 August 2011


celery flax bread and wintry armidale

g'day! i hope you are all well - and that you've enjoyed the last couple of guestposts from laura and primal kitchen. i know i have :)

well, i'm currently in Armidale, NSW, and enjoying the warm winter sun and beautiful landscape surrounding me. it's a pleasure to see a country town, because it is so far different from the coast - smaller, quainter and friendlier. the architecture is stunning, and i never get bored of it. i do however miss the warmth of the coast... for those of you who think that Oz never gets cold, well, think again - it gets very cold here!

now, onto more foodie related things... a few people have requested the celery flax bread recipe i spoke of a few posts ago - and i'm finally getting round to posting it on my blog:

this recipe makes pizza base, crackers, wraps and bread - all depending on how long you dehydrate it for, and in what shape and thickness you create it.

celery flax bread recipe:
1 cup diced celery
½ an onion, diced
½ cup ground flaxseed
1 ½ Tbsp olive oil
½ Tbsp dried oregano
¾ cup water
a little salt and pepper

1. place all the ingredients in a blender, and mix until thoroughly combined.
2. spread the mixture out on greaseproof paper in circles or large rectangles, and dehydrate for 4-6 hours, cut into triangles and dehydrate again for a few hours until crisp for crackers, or leave just once for pizza base or wraps.

notes: i dehydrated mine in the oven with the door ajar, as i don't have a proper dehydrator. you can of course just bake it quickly with the door shut, and it'll probably be done incredibly quickly!

now onto some recent down under sights:

wottle - an australian icon. and very beautiful!

white chocolate and raspberry torte - i was given this for tea at my cousin's house. it was baked by her lodger, a young uni student, and it was perfection!!

dangar falls - a very long thin waterfall out in the bush... we saw kangaroos up close in the wild, and they hopped up to us as we lit our evening bbq!

currently reading: tilly trotter omnibus - my nickname used to be tilly trotter, but i've not read the book until now... i saw it on the shelf in the house i'm currently staying in, and i've not been able to put it down since (save to write this blog post!)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Saturday, 6 August 2011


all of today's photographs come from the incredibly inspirational blog the girl who married a bear - without whom i would not dream nearly as well...