Sunday, 3 July 2011

pan fried komatsuna and tomato chicken bake

g'day everyone! so here's another delayed set of english photographs - just to tide over until the oz ones get to grips with editing through a dongle! but i hope you find these interesting...

spelt and rye sourdough with dill sauerkraut, avocado, tomatoes, proper english sausages (oh how i already miss these!), and cucumber salad with homegrown sprouts

pan fried komatsuna with butter and pepper, alfalfa salad, boiled egg and mashed tomato sardines - there are plenty of interesting greens here in australia, which i am so looking forward to experimenting with...


chicken with thyme, peppers, cauliflower and tomatoes, baked in the oven until beautiful. good honest food.

served with swedish red cabbage and oven baked carrot and swede fries - this meal was just lovely! it's the sort of dish my grandma would cook, and that's just how i like my food

catch up with you soon!

currently reading: sunset house by lady fortescue - just read the chapter in the coastguard house where she eats freshly caught fish by the sea - aah, perfection.

ps. do you know of any awesome australian food blogs i should be reading?


  1. is a beautiful australian food blog! I love her photography. Hope you have an awesome time out there!

  2. Your blog is beautiful! There are some great meal ideas here that my husband would love.

    I checked out your About Me page - John Robbins' Healthy at 100 book was a key part of my health journey as well.


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