Friday, 15 July 2011

how to get rid of acne scars

hello lovelies!

i'm back with the next installment (from australia!) of my all about acne series.

there are a couple of different types of acne scarring - hyperpigmentation from mild acne (usually red dots where a blemish has occurred), and proper acne scars from severe acne (ranging from icepick scars to keloidal scarring).

once my acne cleared up in february i was left with hyperpigmentation around my mouth and along my jawline, which is now gone 5 months later! here are my natural and holistic tips to getting rid of acne scarring:

1. patience!
time is absolutely essential - because it takes 1 month for your skin to regenerate, and because the damage is so far down with hyperpigmentation, it'll take much longer for the deepest levels of skin to renew and refresh. so WAIT! there isn't a miracle product or cure better than time.

2. good weekly oil massage
a simple weekly massage with a simple oil like sweet almond or grapeseed can really help boost the circulation to your skin surface, therefore promoting healing. it feels nice too - so give it a go!

3. heat + light
i've mentioned this before - it's important to get out in the sunshine, and to make sure your skin stays at a good functioning temperature. both times i've slept in a cold room i've got acne - and that's probably one of the main causes of it for me. sunshine helps the healing process too!

4. exercise
this will help your skin to heal and balance out because it gets your circulation going - and is probably what helped your acne to heal in the first place! gentle 30 mins of walking is helpful as a start...

5. good acne concealer
i recommend mineral products - disappear by jane iredale is my ultimate favorite, and then lily lolo mineral foundation over the top when the scarring is in it's early stages.

6. anything to encourage good blood flow!
basically, a good diet and lots of fresh air will help oxygen and essential nutrients keep your skin in balance and encourage it to heal quicker.

7. dermatologist visit
for those of you who have suffered from severe acne, and who have waited a good year to see improvement in your scars, i would recommend a visit to a good dermatologist (it'll be worth paying more money in the short term to make sure you get good results first time). they could suggest a simple filler, chemical peel or laser resurfacing to help even the skin tone.

for a greater in depth discussion - check out my yt vid: