Friday, 15 July 2011

fresh paw paw and swedish rye crispbread

the foodie experience in australia continues to be amazing! i'm trying to make sure i test out all the weird and wonderful things whilst i have access to them on this side of the world - to determine what things i enjoy, and learn new recipes.

one of my favorite things about shops here is the array of tropical fruits and asian vegetables you can buy - and i hope i can keep sharing amazing new discoveries with you each post. my only wish is that you could try them too - but we haven't quite reached that star trek level of technology yet!

so, here are my latest eats:

fresh paw paw is such good value, and in perfect ripeness. an absolute pleasure to eat! it's different from papaya, and actually tastes more like custard apple in my opinion - very delicious.

in the absence of anyone with tropical fruit knowhow, i seem to be making it up as i go along, which is great for learning about flavour and texture combinations. so, how to serve fresh paw paw? with honey and yogurt, of course! it was actually really good.

welsh rarebit is good in any country. especially next to a big bowl of cinnamon apple compote with peanut butter and yogurt.

leftover brown rice with capsicum, bacon, mushrrom, celery, onion, egg and cheese. so good. enjoyed whilst copying out recipes from my great aunt's collection of cookbooks and magazines.

in harris farm, they have a brand of swedish rye crispbread that is gorgeous! i love the shape and the crunch and it's also pretty cheap too, which is fab. it's the perfect accompaniment to a dill veggie scramble at breakfast.

in the next post i'm going to share with you photos from my birthday in Sydney central!! yes, that's right, i am now the grand old age of 24 - and so much the wiser for it :)

currently listening to: the a team by ed sheeran - it's grown on me...

ps. i've now got 2,500 subscribers on my alissaevelyn youtube channel! so thanks so much for your support, and there'll be a giveaway running shortly ♥


  1. I love knackebrod (nakkileipa in Finnish, we have the same thing) and need to make a batch of it soon!

  2. Hi! I love looking how you discover new things. This fruit looks amazing. I really like tropical fruit but here in Spain they are expensive and buying them makes me feel guilty because of the enormous waste of energy on the trip. Happy Birthday also!

  3. I love fresh fruit with honey and yoghurt as well. :)


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