Sunday, 5 June 2011

swedish ettsoppa and catherine wheel sausages

hey everyone! hope you're all ok 

so i'm back from france, and properly befreckled. we had a really lovely time - eating prawns 4 times (who wouldn't at 6.95E per kilo?) and making a few trips to the local markets to stock up on fresh veggies. we also went to the most awesome historical theme park ever, called puy du fou, it is absolutely incredible. i will be uploading pictures soon, i promise!

but first, here's a few of my recent eats:

oat porridge (not coconut, but still pretty good!) with desiccated coconut on top and hot cup of tea

swedish ettsoppa with a started/side of boiled egg, avocado and crispbread with mustard - i was very hungry that day!

catherine wheel sausage (thank you Waitrose!) with broccoli and cauliflower - simple and satisfying primal meal!

currently reading: 2413 posts on my bloglovin reel, they really mount up when you've been away for 2 weeks!!

ps. it's only 2 weeks until i head off to australia!! 


  1. Hee hee! i was totally wondering what a catherine wheel sausage was - doh!! :-) Australia?!! You lucky duck! So exciting!

  2. hey alissa! thanks for commenting on my blog =) i loved reading your about me page and hearing about your story. it's so exciting that you're traveling all over the place! france, australia, how wonderful! =)

  3. That avocado looks so ripe! The last two I bought were frustrating!


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