Saturday, 18 June 2011

pick your own and fresh tulameen raspberries

on thursday i was invited to Millets Farm Centre near Oxford for a tour of their pick your own farm...

i absolutely adore PYO farms, and so there was no way i was going to refuse the invitation! i was totally intrigued by the farm centre too - i'm always happy to find good quality farm shops, which stock a wide variety of produce, and which sell not one but 2 different brands of raw(ish) ice cream - booja booja and no nuts just coconut were both there!

after an initial browse, and realization of just how incredible the millets farm centre actually is - it has 2 restaurants, kids farm, trout fishery, maize maze, garden centre, bakery. and it does weddings too apparently (not that i'm planning on that any time soon, but you know, it's nice to know). it's quite like dart's farm, near Exeter, which is equally as incredible and makes me want to buy everything because it's local and healthy.

case in point. it's gorgeously displayed, and has a very posh cooling system to keep everything fresh!

so, off to the pick your own section...

we ended up picking a whole load of fresh tulameen raspberries - which are divine - and a handful of elsanta strawberries - not quite ripe, but still excellent. i also got a few rhubarb stalks and one carrot!

the cherries were incredible! i've never seen trees so jam packed with fruit - thanks to the netting to keep the birds off, and the fact that we were the first pickers of the season. i was a very happy woman!

we were talked around the pyo farm by the fruit & veg experts, Orlin and Les. two very genuine guys, who clearly have a passion for what they do, and a genuine desire to nurture their crops in the best way possible. and they do a really good job, because everything tastes good!

the raspberries were my favorite - because they were massive and juicy and so sweet. very incredible. and i picked lots, and ate lots on my way too.

there were a bunch of other bloggers there, and it was great to meet a few, including Aveen from Baking Obsessively. a really lovely lady, who is a very skilled baker, and who's blog includes things like stem ginger cake and chocolate battenburg, how scrumptious!

at the end of the afternoon, we were given a few little goodies to take home - which included the award winning millets apple juice, which was insanely good, and which my brother drank almost all of in the course of one meal.

the best thing about the PYO farm is that you can pick your own vegetables too - beetroot, spinach, broad beans and corn on the cob. i love the idea of having that kind of a connection with your food. you know it's fresh, and you know exactly where it's come from!

currently: packing, because i leave for australia tomorrow!! watch out for posts and videos in the coming months all about my travels down under...


  1. I love pick-your-own farms! Back in Finland I could always pick all wild berries in the forest.

  2. The farms in Oxford look wonderful! I'd love to visit - I bet those carrots and raspberries were delish!


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