Monday, 13 June 2011

dark chocolate mousse and venison meatballs

buon giorno! i hope your day is going magnificently.

it was so interesting to hear you opinions about making yogurt and sprouting alfalfa. the best things in life are simple and cheap to do really - just watching the miracle of a tiny seed sprouting, or bacteria turn milk into yogurt, amazes me always! 

anyway, no more dilly-dallying here today, let's get straight into my latest tasty eats:

blackberry porridge with homemade marrow ginger jam and a sprinkle of cinnamon

♥ dark chocolate mousse - which i filmed for my YT channel, see here

♥ and last but not least, venison meatballs, using venison mince from the local farmer's market and following my grandmother's recipe. with a little grated apple and fresh mint added too. these were ridiculously yummy!

i've got a wonderfully busy week this week - off to Millet's Farm on thursday, which i'm very excited about - and of course, packing and getting all things organised before my departure to australia on sunday. whilst catching up on everyone's blogs too before i jet off, and uploading my food photos from france too...

currently listening to: my tunein radio app on the iphone - i am trying to get some awesome new tunes onto my iphone for my trip, any suggestions?


  1. I love your video! It's cool to see a blogger 'live', you do well behind the camera! Glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. Your mousse looks so rich and creamy!!

  3. Yum, the chocolate mousse looks so tasty! And welcome to Australia!

  4. Glorious looking mousse - I'm a complete sucker for anything chocolate.
    I've recently discovered TuneIn Radio and have been gorging on the US NPR station. They have fantastic music programs and live concerts to download.


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