Thursday, 30 June 2011

cherry blossom and pea shucking

well hello! guess what? i am in australia!! yes, indeed. i made it safe and sound, even though the chilean ash cloud was threatening to ruin it (i touched down the morning before the airport closed, what a blessing!)

unfortunately my photo software is having issues, so for now you won't be able to see my australian photographs, but there's still a few i wanted to show you from this english spring/summer - and i'm sure you won't mind...

the cherry blossom on our tree, which lasted what seemed like a few days (when it had been anticipated for months!) - but it was worth the wait!

beef stew with bay leaves and green veg - simple, honest food.

waitrose always do really good offers - and this particular day they had a bag of pea pods. mum and i had great joy chatting and shucking at the same time!

we had the fresh peas with some oyster mushrooms, komatsuna, and mustard rabbit (which was kind of horrendous, but we ate it anyway! of course.)

so that's all for now... there may be another english installment until we get onto the australian delights of custard apple and lamingtons!

currently watching: old episodes of english crime dramas on ozzie tv - love the television over here! and of course australian masterchef, which is awesome...

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  1. How exciting, so pleased you made it safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about it, good luck with your adventures :)


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